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Greensboro, NC – Trudy Tobias is a licensed clinical social worker, life coach and the founder of Truest Life Coaching. Her ?Get Your Life Back? coaching program helps clients get back up, step out, and live big. Her clients learn to construct a purposeful life with clarity and confidence. ?A therapist is taught to address past problems. Instead, our coaching focuses our clients on future possibilities and how that can be achieved. So many people, women especially, think they're too old to try something new. We give clients permission to control their old thinking, dream big and get inspired. And the miracle is that they can rapidly get unstuck, break out of their comfort zone and take action on the future they are after.? As a self-described ?New Beginnings? Coach, Trudy supports her clients through fears and challenges of every kind. Examples include the death of a loved one, the fear of retirement and aging, the end of a relationship, and the loss of a job. Her mission is to meet you at your crossroads, and coach you through that life-changing leap into a better future. ?You've heard of the acronym for FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. I prefer the acronym for HOPE: Happy Opportunities Present Everywhere,? says Trudy. ?It's really about using your imagination to be on your side.? For more information on Tru(est)* Life Coaching, visit www.truestlifecoaching.com Reinventing Yourself at Any Age: A Practical and Spiritual (Wo)Manual is available on Amazon
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Sarasota, FL – Dr. Cynthia Higgins is the founder of Serenity where she specializes in energy psychology to help her clients release the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving the life they hope to lead.... more

LAKEWOOD, WA - .Paula Vail is the founder and owner of Wellness Inspired, author of the book ?Why am I so Happy?, TV/Radio host of the show ?Choices: Finding Your Joy?, co-author in the book ?America's Leading Ladies, Who... more

Los Angeles, CA -- Dr. Kong is putting the finishing touches to her memoir, Tiger of Beijing, and you will notice many of the symbolic qualities of the tiger in this masterful woman. Dr. Kong is like the tiger because she follows what beats in... more

Irvine, CA – ?When you've been let go from a job—especially if you didn't see it coming—you feel a tremendous lack of control,? says Susan Howington, CEO and founder of Power Connections Career Services. ?You... more

Conroe, TX -- Dr. Pearce, who holds a PhD in Microbiology and has vast experience in the healthcare field, says that trends related to third party payors and reimbursement mean people are going home sicker and quicker.... more

Naperville, IL – Trauma occurs with an overwhelming event. It can be a car accident, natural catastrophe, adverse childhood event(s), interpersonal violence or abuse, bullying at school/work, or military combat, to name a few. When... more

FREELAND, WA -- Janet M. Harvey is the CEO of Invite CHANGE, an organization that provides multiple services to help businesspeople grow, change, make a different set of choices, and lead more effectively. Invite CHANGE is a... more

Dr. Joy King is an exceptional Professor Emerita of Classical Education. ?I'm enthusiastic about anyone who wishes to learn a foreign language and I believe they will benefit the most from learning Latin because it is the foundation... more

HAMPSTEAD, LONDON, ENGLAND - Cindy Galvin is an exceptional Leadership Development coach, Keyote Speaker, trained clinical hypnotherapist, trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, and author of the Amazon best-selling book More... more

St. Joseph, MI – Dr. Janene M. Donarski is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in neuropsychology. Dr. Donarski is the founder of Family Therapy & Development Centers, Inc. (FTDC) and Neuro-Psychology Consultants (NPC).... more