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    Baltimore is Talking Live with Nakiya Smalls

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    Join the converstion tonight as the hosts introduce and speak with Nakiya Smalls as she comes to share her story with us tonight in the hot seat. Don't miss our segment of What's Happening in Baltimore City. Our phone lines are always open during the show for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Your input is always welcome and appreciated. Feel free to give your birthday shout outs and other announcements too by calling 917-889-8825.
    As a reminder, although our show format addresses issues and topics about everyone, some topics may not be suitable for young children so we must tell you that parental discretion is advised. Hope you enjoy tonight's show.

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    The Global Economic Bloodbath Has Begun

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    In this episode of ,"The Star & Crescent Report," blog talk radio show we will be discussing the effect of the global economic bloodbath and how its effect will decimate the current global architecture and the entire economic, political ,and geopolitical world order. We will show you just how all of these events go hand in hand with the freedom and liberation of black America and the Black Nation(Black, Brown, Red, & Yellow) people who have been subjugated by the Western world. This is one episode that you do not want to miss. It will be a banger. Please join us and bring a friend and a family member and spread the word about the most informative and powerful platform for truth the world over bar none. Seen you then!!!

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    Harriet Cammock Show - Finding Amaria #BringBackOurGirls

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    Nearly 75,000 Black Women are missing in America. Amaria Hall, 16 ye4ars old is one of them. Her mother, April tells us about the journey to bring #AmariaHome, her efforts with the Trenton Police Deaprtment, Crime Stoppers and community volunteers.

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    Exposed gang stalkers

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    I have gone through a terrible week for being gang stalked this past week.. For at least two nights, I was threatened with death and false arrest repeatedly.  I called the non-emergency line and knew it was a gang stalker as a dispatcher.  I have to live in fear for what reason?  Because people want me to and force me to.  I cannot call 911 out of fear and distrust after being organized stalked for a year now.  My stepfather started this and could possibly end it but chooses not to help or even admit he placed a phone call where he fabricated allegations about me to some form of law enforcement.  I had to turn facebook live on record the other night out of fear of being murdered in my apartment.   Even earlier tonight, via Voice to Skull, my stalkers joked about a home invasion.  I feel alone and abandoned by people sometimes but making this show helps.  Writing about it helps.  Documenting corrupt police intimidating me helps.  
    All I want is my freedom, and sometimes, all I get is harassed and disrespected.  The FBI mocked my suffering and hung up on me.  My psychiatrist told me if I have more so called "crises" with police that he will either put me on a forced injectable medicine or hospitalize me again even more.  I know it isn't hopeless but sometimes it feels like I am taking on the entire world.  I am a targeted person here in Madison, Wisconsin who is no stranger to gang stalking on a mass scale.  Many people have been involved in trying to ruin my life or at least make it a living hell. 
    My neighbor, Tanya Nickel, is a complete narcissist and psycopath.  She along, with several police officers locally, have been stalking me since last August as I said.  They are sadistic and dangerous criminals.  I have called them domestic terrorists before rightfully so.  

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    The Revolutionary Journal w/Dr.Misty

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    Join Dr.Misty as She discusses current events and how they affect our People..... Misty Harty is a native of Michigan who has almost 20years training and raising awareness about social justice and equity for people of color.  Misty holds a Master's degree in counseling and very passionate and outspoken about the oppression experienced by people of color. Call in to talk to Dr.Misty at 215-383-3963 or listen via this link. Thank you for supporting us here at the Blaq Think Tank Radio Network! 

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    The title of today’s show is ‘BACK ON THE GRIND.’ We will be discussing the controversial topic of reparations for African Americans in these United States.  Why is this such a difficult topic for legislature and Americans to discuss or to agree on?  Why is this county so divided when it comes to people of color being recognized as equal citizens and treated as such?  Why is it that many of our own say “pull yourself up by your bootstraps; however, if the bootstraps were created inferior to everyone and everything else, then they’re going to break at each attempt.  So what is the answer?  We will take a look at the debate, as well as the impending, or not, war with Iran.  What’s the real issue behind the on again off again conflict and the back and forth threats. Call in, as we would love to hear your views on these topics of discussion.
    The Black History Moment is- Black Legislators during Reconstruction
    Callin Number is (347) 838-8622
    Showtime is 2pm central / 3pm eastern 
    Chatroom Link is https://www.blogtalkradio.com/mrtalk

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    A Better You with Lisa Rene

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    Tara Evans,47 Baker County, Fl Victim of Domestic Violence for about since 2015 before deciding to speak out in 2018 then escaping, obtain trespassing Waring in March 2018 Restraining Order April 2019 & Served Divorce papers June 30,2019 was kidnapped at gunpoint ,shot twice, face & thigh tortured for 7 hrs... Becoming a D.V Advocate Helping people world-wide n Eventually opening a Safe House.....you can break it down if need be

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    #Q drops; Deep State; Two top government suicides; Stearney and Daniel Best

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    Jon will discuss certain suicides.  Scott Stearney, top Naval Commander in Mid East found dead of an apparent suicide.
    The sudden death of one of the U.S. Navy’s top commanders in the Middle East was likely the result of a suicide, according to recent reports.
    Vice Adm. Scott A. Stearney, commander of U.S. 5th Fleet, was found dead in his quarters at fleet headquarters in Bahrain on Saturday. While Navy officials have ruled out any foul play in the cause of Adm. Stearney’s death, service officials plan to officially determine the cause of death next week. As 5th Fleet commander, Adm. Stearney oversaw all U.S. naval operations in the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.
    Daniel Best, a Trump appointee, was investigating the pharmeceutical progam in Venezuela called Fatherhood cards which China has provided drugs through Mundipharma, ZTE, Jiangsu and Jiang Hengrui.  He died, surviving blunt force trauma and it was ruled a suicide.

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    Collections by Michelle Brown WSG Emergent Strategist Adrienne Maree Brown

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    Adrienne Maree Brown's writing style has been said to belong to the Afro-Futurism genre. In 2010, she published the Octavia Butler Strategic Reader with Alexis Pauline Gumbs. She is the author of Emergent Strategy and the recently released Pleasure Activism, and she’s the Co-editor of Octavia's Brood. Adrienne's also the co-host of How to Survive the End of the World podcast, a lifelong facilitator, doula and auntie living in Detroit.
    She has worked extensively with numerous organizations on social justice. Following college, she worked with the Harm Reduction Coalition in Brooklyn and started working as a social justice facilitator. She would go on to facilitate the World Social Forum, an annual meeting of civil society organizations, and work with social justice organizations in Detroit. In 2006, she served as a consultant with Detroit Summer  "a multicultural, intergenerational collective" that "worked to transform communities through youth leadership, creativity, and collective action from the ground up" where she developed a strong relationship with the late activist Grace Lee Boggs.
    Adrienne has worked with the Allied Media Conference as a host and facilitator. In 2018 she Founded, the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute   a hub to experiment, think, facilitate, learn, and share emergent strategy. ESII exists to help groups, organizations, and movements bring these principles into their work through facilitation and training.

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    What is the (Your) meaning of Life

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    For this Episode of #BzNz we're going to have a discussion of the meaning of Life by way of Interview with Dr. Umar Johnson
    Due to some technical difficulties a few weeks ago, we were not able to bring on Dr. Umar But Thursday Dec. 6th 2018 we will have him on air with us.
    Just a few reflection questions:
    1. What does your life mean to you?
    2.Are there things you're willing to sacrifice for the betterment of self?
    3.Are there any times you would be willing to die?
    Come ready to hear enlightening discussiong and come ready to receive. Tune in 8PM Est Phone lines open at (323)870-4617 and press the number 1 to speak with the host

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    California National Party Profiles: Michael Loebs

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    Michael Loebs, the California National Party/North Chapter Coordinator joins me to discusss..the California National Party, of course. Micheal discusses what CNP stands for, where the party lands on the poltical spectrum, and why California nationhood is NOT a crazy idea.   Michael has been involved with the CNP since late 2016 and became Chair of the Bay Area chapter in August 2017. A child of a daughter of Chinese immigrants and a third-generation Alameda county native, Loebs has always had a strong sense of California’s distinct national identity. He is a product of the California public education system from kindergarten to his M.A., and is currently a lecturer of political science at San Francisco State University.