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If the polls are right, there's a big red tsunami coming ashore on November 2, 2010. Some big fish may be getting filleted that night (or into the next day). On November 2, we don't have an election: we have a restraining order. If San... more

Phones open this week. Feel free to call in. The Tea Party impacts have been and will continue to be felt on the midterms in November, but is this ALWAYS a good thing? Obama fiddled (or golfed) while BP gushed, which makes... more

This week’s main discussion will be the weenie who masquerades as our nation's Attorney General, maybe Gov. Chris Christie of NJ and his fresh approach to governing, and more…Sunday night on Crush Liberalism radio! See you there!

The left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) are attacking freedom-loving Americans who exercise their legitimate First Amendment rights in a non-violent manner. ENOUGH! We will NOT put up with it, and we will call out these... more

The left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) allow Sarah Palin to get under their skin, but at least the president is above such pettiness...NOT! B.O. fiddles while America and Democrat political careers burn. Businesses under... more

It used to be a tool that the left used with impunity: the race card. Simply accuse the right of being "racist", and watch the right contort itself into proving it wasn't true. Well, the left is trying to use it again, but there's a slight problem with the... more

What needs to be done to repeal ObamaCare? What are we now finding out what's in there (thanks, San Fran Nan)? What are companies encountering? How 'bout them Tea Parties? If the MSM says Tea Parties suck, then clearly... more

The science is settled: the Democraps have as much use for the Constitution as Keith Olbermann has for a "Moonbattery 101" textbook. Between the Slaughter Solution, to Blanche Lincoln's insistence on non-existent language in the... more

Charlie Rangel loses his chair, Eric Massa (D-NY) goes all Mark Foley on us, Obama and his leftist minions determined to shove health care down our throats, the odds of House and Senate passage, the chances of Senate Dems and... more

This week, we've got the health care kabuki...er, "summit". We've got San Fran Nan telling us that health care deform...er, "reform"...will pass in 60 days. We've got Harry Reid saying the same thing, when he's not opining on how... more