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I am having a Very unique converstation with Dr. Charlene Brannon about a Very unique subject, the "aging odor". Dr. Brannon has found a solution for a not so pleasant challenge as we age.

Mirai Clinical is introducing recent Japanese personal hygiene advances to the American market. It is common knowledge that an unpleasant odor is frequently noticed in nursing homes. This odor, sometimes referred to as "aging odor" or “old people smell”, has been incorrectly attributed to improper facilities cleaning, or incontinence and other ailments of the patients. The problem is particularly irksome in Japan, which has a culture of cleanliness as well as disproportionately ageing population.

The researchers discovered that as skin matures, its natural antioxidant protection decreases, lipid acid in sebaceous glands gets oxidized more easily, resulting in the production of Nonenal (no-nay-nal).

The minerals and water from our sweat are a fertile environment for bacterial growth, which is the source of traditional body odor noticed when we do not bathe adequately, and in locker rooms. Separately, the lipid acids we secrete "oxidize" with oxygen in the air, and transform into a different compound, which produces it's own odor. The researchers who discovered the phenomenon named the stale smelling compound "Nonenal (no-nay-nal)".