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Courage To Be God's Daughter


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We can only bear testimony from where we are. In so doing we are allowed to grow into greater understandings. This show represents what I would leave for my posterity so that they understand my journey and my understandings of life and those things that have aided me in the journey.

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When I began writing a weekly blog in 2019 about the Urtext, I knew that I would receive deeper instruction. Deeper not only in the principle that was being taught, but deeper in the sense of my own personal understanding. This is what... more

Jesus' strength in the flesh was his witness that he knew that he was of Christ. He knew there was no division, no separation, and that nothing on earth could harm him in any permanent way. You may have faith in his witness. You may also... more

I think it was my visits to the temple that really helped me see the change that could take place in a person, in a relatively short time without really being aware of it. That, and my home schooling of my children. It was a dynamic... more

Even in routine we may find growth and development. Here is where some of the great ah-ha's come as our mind quiets and we are able to hear the still small voice of the Spirit. He may answer a question we have long had or give a... more

Men are that they may have joy. I memorized that from somewhere. Was it Latter-day scripture? Point is, if we are to have joy, why all the suffering? And do we really have a promise that things are going to work out?

I am grateful that I have been given this opportunity to speak of Christ. I do not take the opportunity lightly. Starting in Psalms 23 today, we will explore the Story of Christ.

Yet, we are on an errand of the Father of Christ. We are here to remind Christ that He is loved by His Father and that heaven is to be experienced here and now

"They" say that writing things down has power. There is a greater chance of goals being met or recall, as you want it, (think grocery list) when you write things down. For an author, there is power in words as they allow all sorts of energy to be... more

Humanity has gotten so distrusting of everything. It would be no wonder that as we move into a better place that we would panic. Reach for the stillness inside and walk forward in faith.

I love the shape of the woman's hands on the cover of Mama's Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!. It symbolizes the ultimate truth that God IS and that the only thing in the world that is real is God's Love. That is what I wish to... more
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