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ChristianPerspectives w JohnParsons

ChristianPerspectives w JohnParsons


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News and current affairs analyzed from a Christian viewpoint by Journalist and Pastor, John Parsons

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Author and analyst, Sharon Gilbert, joins me to discuss her new fiction series the Redwing Saga. However, after she introduces her husband, Skywatch TV Anchor, Derek Gilbert, we end up having a wide ranging discussion covering the... more

The forces behind the Communist revolution may be endangering America today! Listen to Bulgarian émigré Georgian Banov, and the words of Dr Stanley Monteith, as they share insights into communism as it relates to the... more

"We are seeing now the gates of hell opening," so says my guest, Steve Quayle, in the context of hitherto hidden realms that are now beginning to manifest again on the earth. Mr. Quayle is a Christian researcher, author and filmmaker,... more

Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's media disinformation project, is known to have been active thru the seventies. John recounts the history that is known, and asks how we know that the stories we are being fed today, are true? Links: Sibel... more

The so called Large Hadron Collider in Europe, may be the locus of some very nefarious activities. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, operates what is described as the largest particle physics lab in the... more

In this show, Jerusalem based Bible Teacher, Chuck Cohen, gives a Biblical response to the accusation that Christian Zionists are guilty of something called, Displacement Theology. Chuck Cohen is the Director of Intercessors for Israel.... more

The internet, once hailed as a great tool to advance freedom, is fast becoming a key weapon in the advance of tyranny. Detailing recent examples, John shows how the expression of ones views on social media can have far reaching... more

Last week, British anti-Sharia activist, Tommy Robinson, was arrested outside a court in England. Robinson was charged, tried and sentenced, within 5 hours. In addition, the judge issued an order banning the media from reporting on the... more

Britain descends into darkness as a draconian media blackout is implemented. Events surrounding the "disappearing" of an activist/journalist were placed under a reporting restriction by a UK Judge on Friday 25th of May. Many UK media... more

The escalating Israel/Iran conflict could unravel very quickly. In this show, John explores various sources, including a statement by an American General, a vision by Henry Gruver and scripture itself to try and help listeners make sense of... more