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Conservative Nation Radio is dedicated to bringing you real Conservative talk shows with topics you won't commonly find in the main stream media. We are growing again, with three shows weekly, with one coming soon.

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Over the last few weeks...America has gone through a shut down. What would happen folks, if something really dangerous impacted our lives like this NOT REALLY dangerous virus has? Now, lets go the other way. We have opened the door, and that is all it takes for the democrats and the moderate republicans to do this to us, to shut down the nation for something that HASN'T been proven yet...into a full blown "stay at home, under threat of arrest" from the federal government operation. If you guessed climate change, then you are right. Corona Virius has opened that door...and when the Democrats take power again, that will be pushed, I guarantee you that. Welcome to today's show.... This was scheduled for Friday, but have rescheduled for Sunday...because i couldn't get stuff loaded into the studio in time
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this week, just like last week was not a good one for the "good ole USA" but if we look at it, we put ourselves there by electing so many democrats, who by the way told us what they were going to do. We just didn't listen...Or we just didn't... more

The week in review. The highlights of the week and commentary on what it all means. Today's NWCR Radio is on at 6 pm eastern time today

Thursday was Thanksgiving. The Day where we give thanks for this nation, for God and For our Freedoms. And of course the food in our Tummy's. But what we have to realize here, my friends, is that the America that we all love is being... more

The election was not as we had hoped, but the democrats didn't take everything. As a matter of fact they only took the House.....but the people have got to realize that voting them into office is going to do nothing good for this country. Listen... more

and with that election, is the chance for Americans all over this nation to let the demoncrats know that we do not support or want their ideals. Trump is our president and if you don't like it......tough. The subject matter of the show will be... more

More on the antics of the political party the DEMONCRATS, and their inability to lose like adults. This seems to be a reaccuring theme. Democrats lose, then democrats cry foul and raise hell. When will we say this is enough from them... more

This week has been a total circus with the demoncrats making sure that they were "never truthers" by continuing to tell the lies that they are blaming the republicans for telling. The trouble is, the people are waking up to their lies and... more

The Democrats and their bed mates the lamestream lying Media have been playing a game this last week or so. The game? Truth, truth, who has the truth? And the trouble is, the left seems to think that lying and destroying a man's life... more

James Madison, the leading author of the United States Constitution, left us a blueprint for liberty and a set of safeguards to prevent federal power-grabs. As is well and truly known, the Constitution is the solution! But the democrats... more

No matter how good our ecomony is matter how low unemployment numbers go....the democrats do not like it because Trump caused it. They say if Trump caused it, then it is bad, but,with Obama coming back, and taking Credit... more