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Due to time restraints and kid not minding last sunday *the18th* I rescheduled the show up one week. Hopefully this is the last time I have to do this. Working on getting my new studio so it can be done weekly without anyone getting in the way or making too much noise for the audio.s . Stay tuned on that one. Divide at empera.......something a liberal crybaby in my chatroom said last week. telling me essentially taht Trump supporters were tyring to split the opposition. Yes I knew what he was saying.....but the truth of the matter is...the left like him are the ones who are trying to split the opposition so that it ceases to threaten your own power. The left is doing that because they are losing now and they want to keep themselves from losing anymore of the power that they have worked so hard to scam from the American people. My next show will continue to expose the fallacies of the left and hsow the people just what the left really stands for. And let me tell you one thing. What they stand for isn't America. Because I was not here last week, will try to do a three hour show, but the third hour will be only available for people in the chatroom and in the archives.
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Last week as I was getting ready to do this show, I finally found a way to get my MacBook Pro working fast again, and worked all day to get it. By the time I realized I didn't have anything set for the show, it was too late to do so, so, I... more

At the intersection of policy, history and politics, moving slowly toward the bright light of day, is The New Wise Conservatism Radio Show. We are here to give you that bright light of day, from the darkness of Liberalism. What is going on,... more

The constitutution is very straight on what it says about the rights of the people, and the role of the government. The liberal left, on the other hand has been working overtime to get rid of our rights, while keeping theirs. They want us all... more

It's all up and going again. The left using uninformed kids who are running on the emotion of recent killings to push for Gun Control. You know. that thing the left wants, but something that the left and all around know, won't work. What do we... more

With all the hoopla going on about how the Republicans are to blame for the school shootings and the Islamic invasion, and the border illegals, the DemonCrats are always laying the blame in places that it isn't to be. I am here... more

The past few weeks have been rather iffy for us here at Conservative Nation Media and NWCR. We have had our main computer go down, due to a glitch in the system when we were updating to a new version of the OS, and the... more

Not really sure what happened last week, but I had a show scheduled for last week, and when I came in to do it a few minutes before six when I was to be here, and there was no show scheduled. Going to have to talk to BTR... more

This will be the first show of the year for NWCR. and it is going to be the first of a year of great shows. Join us, share us and do everything you can to let everyone know that lNWCR is back and so is Conservative Nation Media. Happy... more

The discussion today is going to be centered around Islam, and that invasion into this country and like I have said before, it is an invasion. And like any invasion, they look for the easiest way in. Hence, the illegal immigration part of this.... more

This week has been interesting to say the least. The woman who accused Judge Roy Moore came out and said that she faked the signature that was in her year book, Al Franken said he is retiring, but that remains to be seen. I think it is... more