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Conversations in Consciousness. Riahnna Demahr and Amy Shine are Access Consciousness Facilitators and love to talk and share pragmatic tools that you can use to change any areas of your life. Let's talk about relationships, money, work, sex, bodies, and much more.

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Food- What is good for you?What is bad for you? We are inundated with people telling us what we should eat, what we shouldn't. What diet we should be on. Have meat, don't have meat, go vegan, go grain free, go gluten free. What if... more

Anxiety- that shaky feeling inside your body that causes nervousness, breathing difficulty, difficulty concentrating, tension and restlessness. I've dealt with anxiety most of my younger life, mostly not knwoing what I was dealing with. I... more

Do you try to get everything right? Make the right choice and stick to it? How much judgment and energy does that take? If you could start to live your life in 10 second increments, you would have total choice and freedom. Join Amy as she... more

You create your reality by your definitions. If you had no definition, you would have total choice. How many definitions do you have about sex? How many definitions do you have about YOU in relation to sex? How much do you limit... more

What am I here for? A question I have asked a lot throughout this life!! And a question that I keep coming back to: What is the greatest contribution that I can make? Join Amy Shine for a quickie conversation on ''What are we really here... more

Do you keep yourself in situations that are comfortable and familiar? Most change comes when you are in your most un-comfortable space.. How much are you keeping yourself small because of your unwillingness to step up and out and be... more

An Empath is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. If you are an empath, how do you cope in this crazy world? How do you deal with feeling other people's emotions all the... more

New Year: New You 2018. What are your dreams for 2018, what would you like to create in your life, what new questions can you ask? What would you like to have as your life and are you asking for it? Join Amy and Riahnna as they ring in... more

JUDGMENT- That heavy word that is so prevalent in our world... What is it? How much energy do you use to try not be judged by anyone? How much do you shut you down, not be who you be, be as great as you BE, to ensure you... more

Is there times and situations where you completly lose yourself? During holidays, with family, work situations? What if you could have a different possibility? What if you could have a sense of you no matter what was going on around you? This... more