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Confabulous with Michelle Colston

Confabulous! with Michelle Colston


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Confabulous! gets cool folks-authors, speakers, Spinning instructors of the like-sharing how they REALLY feel. Love, life, skinny jeans, it's all here!

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It's inevitable that as we evolve our desires change. When I was 6 I wanted to be a princess. I also wanted a flying horse but then I grew up and realized flying horses aren't real—what good is being a princess without a flying horse?... more

What is domestic violence? It seems obvious, doesn't it? We all have our own images that come to mind when we hear this term. The battered wife, the bruised up child, the screaming tyrant of a partner… But what's behind it all?... more

Masturbation. Is it just me or does that word have the power to make you blush? I'm the same way with ?vagina?—I don't know why, I always feel the need to call it something else like ?hoo-hoo? or ?you know what.? It's... more

Body image. It's a bitch. Most of my life I've been pretty concerned with how I measure up to society's expectations: being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, cool enough—who are we kidding—I've always had the... more

bully: a blustering browbeating person; one habitually cruel to others who are weaker. So many of us hear the word bully and think of the image described above—the proverbial asshole in the schoolyard who picks on the smaller... more

Partner? Check. Kids? Check. A relatively healthy sense of security? Check. Hot, freaky, monkey sex that has you tingling at the thought of it? Well…three out of four ain't bad. Relationships aren't what they were before the... more

You know what's awesome about my show? Everything. However, my most favorite of all is that I have access to super cool people. People like Siobhan Desmond and Charlene Carmichael, creators of the hilariously crass and... more

Cheat: (verb) To break a rule or law... To take something from someone by lying... To prevent someone from having something that he or she deserves... Cheating... The meaning of the word is pretty cut and dry when it comes to a crib sheet... more

It really seems like cooking has leveled up lately, right? People are getting more creative in their kitchens—cooking outside the box, if you will. Sweet potato pancakes with coconut syrup. Crispy, deep-fried cauliflower bites. Quinoa and... more

The P-O-P? It's the Power Of Positivity, y'all—but I'm not talking about cheesy affirmations and singing Kumbaya around a campfire (although cheese is delicious and campfires are awesome). I'm talking about the kind of positivity... more