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Talk show about where the christian church is today in terms of relevancy,effectiveness, its prophetic future, the emerging apostolic prophetic reformation, the missteps of the church and its brightest moments. We will interview emerging market place ministers, traditional ministers and others in an effort to mature and entertain the church during this final dispensation. Our email is commissionedradio@aol.com You can support this broadcast by going to PayPal and making a contribution to: commissionedmktg@aol.com and make a donation. If you do not receive a heartfelt thank you, we did not receive your contribution so email me at commissionedradio@yahoo.com and cc to lecorabowen@aol.com. Because of the type of messages God is calling me to minister in this hour it is difficult for me to work because even Christians get offended so you can imagine what employers or potential think about it, so please give generously. God bless you and your family!

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Salvation is available to all who will receive it and now is the time for salvation. If you will receive it we are living in the final days depending on the life expectancy that is used in Matthew 24:36-44. If the 70 year life expectancy in Psalms... more

As America is becoming more and more secular it is apparent, that there are those who question their faith or question whether faith is necessary or what should they have faith in. Some in the ministry who have had their hands on the... more

The question that we must ask ourselves and listen to the voice of God for an answer is what does God require of the last Church age? This Church age is being assaulted by secular humanism to the point that it does not on the surface... more

There are those who say that the rapture has already accured. Others who practice secular humanism espouse that those who believe in the rapture practice escapism idealogy. Others believe that it is a fairy tale concocted by the Church... more

Were you aware that God's word says that there are certain people who will not enter into the marriage feast of the lamb. In other words there are those whose deeds that are expressed in this list will not go to heaven. Therefore it is... more

This is an interesting question and uess what, it is not you or me although we thought so for many years. Who the Bride of Christ is will astound you. Join us we discuss the bride of Christ!

I was taught and believed that we are the Bride of Christ and although the Apostle Paul makes mention of it in a way that reveals that he was making an anology, what Jesus and the Father says about it is something altogher different... more

The Name of Jesus is the most powerful Name that there ever was and ever will be. People don't mind you attending Church but just mention the Name of Jesus. People don't mind you praying, if you just don't pray in the Name of Jesus. His... more

A great number ofl Christians do not understand the wisdom of God that allowed the Jewish nation for the most part to reject Jesus as the Messiah and to ultimately orchestrate His cruxifiction. However, God had it all within His control... more
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