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This is the official radio network for Coffee Party USA. Our shows are listed at: http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/_show_schedule Our shows have audience participation from all over the country. All are hosted, researched, and produced by Coffee Party volunteers.

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What is the right thing to do now that the generation that first built and deployed nuclear weapons has passed and left responsibility for these weapons to us? Currently, there are an estimated 15,000 nuclear weapons in storage, on alert or lost. The U.S. is currently planning to modernize our nuclear weapons and delivery systems to the tune of an estimated cost of $700 billion dollars with the stated intent of nuclear deterrence. In this Living Room Conversation, we discuss the role of nuclear weapons in our country and the world. How do we want the next 70 years to unfold and what can we do to achieve that vision? Thursday 3:00 PM EDT/Noon PDT on Coffee Party USA Radio. Please join us.

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This week some big changes are happening in California and are spreading all over the nation. In response to the recent surge of raids on cannabis grows, many warrantless, Many victims and advocates have united and are standing up to... more

125 years ago you didn't have to ask permission from the Government to: • Go fishing • Collect rain water • Use a transportation vehicle • Build a home or renovate it • You didn't have to pay tax upon tax, upon tax... more

The Unity Cypher. From Maine to Florida. Shining the light on Prohibition. As the torch went through Georgia the past couple of days a number of activists and supporters joined together to bring attention to this issue and one of them was... more

" There aren't many Nazi war criminals left to punish. But one of the last to be brought to justice is also among the most fascinating. Lawrence Douglas, a professor at Amherst, will tell us all about it. Lawrence is the author of The... more

I felt like I needed to do a broadcast about how the two party system has played itself out, creating an opportunity for those of us outside the current system of political control to assert our collective influence in this republic's democracy.... more

The Human Solution International presents the new Self-help legal clinic! Most people reaching out to The Human Solution's 501c3 are people that have been recently arrested and charged with crimes involving cannabis. They tend to be... more

Making an 1800 Change….Or is it just making things ?Right? again? The Libertarian Party, which made history in 1972 when Toni Nathan became the first woman to receive an Electoral College vote, is notorious for breaking barriers on... more

To most, both the Republican and Democratic nominee are almost set in stone. Many people believe that it will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Let us assume To most, both the Republican and Democratic nominee are almost set... more

Next up: "God, Gays, and Governor McCrory." What's going on in North Carolina? Paypal is pulling back, other states are refusing to visit, and Bruce Springsteen -- Springsteen! -- has cancelled a concert. Apparently, our good friends in NC are... more
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