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Channel of Light with Krista Moore

Channel of Light with Krista Moore


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Channeling the Angelic realm to help you heal your heart/mind/body/soul with channeled messages, high vibrational angelic sound healing, and Love.

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Discover Your Unique Gifts and How They Help You and the Angels! This is like Part II from our last show The Purpose of Life. Everyone has a unique purpose in life, but you may not always be aware of how special you are - not better than... more

Discover Your Life Purpose by Connecting with the Angels The miracle of life is discovering why we are here and being able to live that fully. That is what it means to live a miraculous life! If you need help or support in discovering that,... more

How to Love More and Stress Less with Valuable Advice, Healing and LOVE from the Angels! What's Love Got To Do With It? Indeed! The Angels have their say on the hottest topic known through the ages, and deliver messages,... more

The Sound of Spirit with Krista Moore: Channeling Powerful Messages and Healing Vibrations from the Angels Krista Moore received a powerful gift to be able to connect and channel the angelic vibrations through powerful channelled... more

NEW LIVE CALLER CALL-IN INSTRUCTIONS: Due to popular demand, please call in 10-15 min prior to air time for a chance to have the opportunity for Krista to channel live for you. No gaurantees so show up early! To ensure caller consent... more

How to Connect More to God and the Angels. using Deep Trance Channeling and Hypnosis How do you know if you're connected to God and the Angels? Channel, Hypnotist and Healer, Krista Moore shows you how using deep trance... more

Tune in to the Angels and Experience More Love, Energy, Guidance and Peace with Krista Moore Tune in with Channel of Light, Krista Moore, for an unusual and life-changing show where you get to experience first-hand the amazing... more

How to Become a Channel of Light and the Angels to Find Peace, Comfort, Direction & Security You are all Channels of LIght, you just don't know it yet. Some do, and they too are raising consciousness day by day from their own... more

How to Overcome Suffering Through Accessing Your Channel of Light The world is full of suffering, trauma and heartache. Some are kinder than others and are here to raise consciousness, have compassion, and become aware of another... more

Calling on the Angels to Heal at the Deepest Level with Channel of Light Krista Moore Sometimes we don't know what ails us. We have repetitive patterns, difficulties, or obstructions, whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.... more