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are you unhappy in your life? do you want to be better? do you want to improve your self? do you want to change bad habits? tune in and learn change

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It's easy to focus in on how bad things are in life. It's also very possible to change your focus and examine what's going right, and what you are grateful for. This episode of Brandler Bits tells you how to have a better life by focusing in on... more

How would you live to live your life? You can do what's easiest --it's familiar and requires no change. You can strive to be your BEST. Which one do you want to be? Learn more on Best vs Easy on this episode of Brandler's Bits

This is the introduction to what Brandler Bits is all abou

Do I have an alcohol problem covers the following topics What is a standard drink What is too much What are defensive mechanism and what do they do Am I really in control of my drinking What if I don't remember what happened while I drank

This episode focused on the grief process. Identify stages of grief, triggers of grief, and coping skills. Musical examples from Bruce Springsteen, George Harrision, Sting and Ambrosia illustrate some of the concepts of grief. Emphasis... more

In this episode, we examine the most shameful of all addictions, sexual addiction. We will define addiction, identify how addiction impacts family members, and the addicted person. A case example is presented to highlight these issues

It's a holiday tradition to give my listeners a gift that they can use all year long. You don't find this at the mall or online. It's a gift that if practiced regularly can keep you calmer, more relaxed and with less outbursts. Use the gift... more

Today’s show is a combination of 2 of my loves, music and sports. The first “make the best of what’s around” tells us about some very courageous folks who seem to know how to get by and get ahead in spite of major obstacles. The second tale... more

Today we have 2 tales. The first is favorite of mine that I have used in my office for many years, entitled "Inconvenient Not Tragic". The 2nd is a prevalent problem that many people have, "The 25 Letter Alphabet". They’re missing one... more

Today on the show, we have 2 interesting stories. The first, the turkey club, may get you hungry as we describe how to make a sandwich. But this isn’t just any old sandwich, it’s a club sandwich. The 2nd tale entitled the 2 questions only asks 2... more