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Chair of Swords

Chair of Swords


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Follow several goofy characters as they all fight for the Chair of Swords in this Game of Thrones spoof.

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Big Nips is not very fond of Solaria. Solaria, Weed, and Scottrick are once again captured and placed in the cells. They must figure out a way to escape before they are brought to the Mouth of Hell. Luckily for them, they befriend a crazy... more

Queen Arietta wants full control of the Kingsguard. She believes that baby Tommy is the true king and she plans to uphold that notion. Using her daughter and her friends to help doll her up, the Queen makes her rounds seducing every council... more

King Phillips is no ignorant dunce... or is he? Instead of building a roof or forming an army, King Phillips has put all his efforts and resources into building a wall. This is not just any wall, but a great wall. The greatest! The King is... more

Sammy is on the loose! He is burning, raping, and pillaging the countryside. Once captured it looks like it may be the end for him, until an unlikely hero comes to his aid. But this is not a good guy... oh no... it is a bad guy!! If you enjoy... more

Solaria, Weed, and Scottrick have washed ashore, but it doesn't take long before they are taken prisoner by the savages of the red caves and their leaders with oddly sexual names. While it looks like all hope may be lost, Solaria still tries to... more

Master Torris has discovered Sammy gone. He blames Crom and Rud for the disappearance. Now Crom and Rud have one week to bring Sammy back to The Wall. However will they find him? If you enjoy this podcast and would like to... more

Knight Night is about to become cave lion chow until a mysterious woman appears with bow in hand. After scaring the lion away, Night chats with the woman known as Brianna of Torth. Night convinces her to lead him to General... more

Queen Arietta summons the townsfolk to compose a theme song for the newly appointed King Tommy. It doesn't take long to prove both unecessary and disastrous. We are now on Patreon!! If you would like to help donate visit:... more

Solaria is on her way to the red caves, but when a storm hits she must hide below deck with Weed and Scottrick until it passes. It doesn't take long before the storm becomes too much to handle and things take a turn for the worse. We are now... more

Bad men must work for the Wall Watch, making sure no evil lurks its way into Nymeria. Crom and Rud, two horrible men teach another Wall Watcher, Sammy (the only do-gooder on the wall), how to be bad. It doesn't take long before... more