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Ceti Alpha 3

Ceti Alpha 3: A Star Trek Podcast


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Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3 with only their expansive knowledge of Star Trek, and a sense of humor, to keep them alive. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films.

On-Demand Episodes

First Officers Star Trek has given us many memorable characters in command. Darren, Daniel, and Phillip discuss the First Officer or Executive Officer and how it changes from series to series. Who is your favorite number 1? Tweet us at... more

Temporal Investigations Time travel has been used from time to time in the Star Trek franchise. The stranded trio does a rough sampling of the various chrono-adventures of all the series and movies. What was your favorite time... more

Hobbies In the Trek-verse, there are not many times we see characters out of uniform, just being themselves. But in those rare moments when we catch them indulging in their off-duty interests, it can provide insight into their personalities.... more

Security/Tactical Officers Those red shirts, and more commonly in the 24th Century - yellow shirts, who serve as tactical/security officer provide unique personalities and characterizations throughout the Trek franchise, even if their... more

Ships of the Line Everyone has their favorite series' ship, whether it's the original NCC-1701, NX-01 or the D, perhaps even Voyager or the Defiant. However, what about the other great vessels, both Starfleet and alien? This round robin episode... more

Theatricality in Trek The influence of stage theatre is seen throughout the Trek franchise, along with the many stage actors it features. Guest co-host, Jessica Nunn of the Phoenix Theatre Company, joins the trio to discuss the... more

Chief Medical Officers The doctors of Star Trek provide great characters with their own unique challenges and storylines. We discuss the men and women in blue who saved lives and faced various diseases. Let us know your favorite doctor... more

Star Trek: First Contact Commentary This new year of 2017 marks a continuing celebration of 30 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The second film in the TNG film franchise, though its first solo-TNG crew movie, is widely regarded as... more

50th Anniversary Our special franchise celebrated 50 years of history in 2016. Phillip, Daniel, and Darren discuss their favorite commemorations last year and some of their disappointments about how it was handled. The trio also looks at... more

Engineers They are the ones who make things, things to make us go. Engineers are a special breed in the ranks of the Federation. This week on Ceti Alpha 3, Daniel, Darren and Phillip talk about the keepers of the warp drive and why Lily... more