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Cathi Watson -Devotee of Challenges


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Cathi Watson, devotee of challenges. Radio talk show host/producer reaching listeners locally, nationally and reaching listeners in any country in the World. Author, Performance Artist, Int'l Speaker and Exercise Evangelist. MY MISSION and PASSION is to change the FACE and PERCEPTION OF AGING not only in America but Worldwide. Our body and brain don't age, we do by our CHOICES. Will you choose to spend minutes a day in an activity that could improve your speech and perhaps save your life? One of the effects of aging is the weakening of vocal/throat muscles. Are you slurring your words? No, darlings it's not loose dentures, IT'S A LAZY TONGUE! Having trouble swallowing? Wherever there's a muscle, that muscle must be exercised. Tongue-stretch/throat strengthening exercises are essential to preserve the quality of your voice and to strengthen throat/vocal swallowing muscles. The tongue-stretch exercises also provide a natural lift (toning) to the muscles of the face without stretching the skin. A FACE LIFT FROM THE INSIDE! Learn my life-changing methods/techniques which have been decades in research and development. Log-on www.cathiwatsonspeaks.com (click on books) to access my book "The Elixir of Youth-SECRETS OF A SPRING CHICKEN" which outlines the tongue/stretch exercises in secret #6. IT'S WORTH YOUR TIME! E-MAIL...cathistudio@sbcglobal.net

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DON'T MISS THE JOY...TO MISS THE JOY IS TO MISS ALL! Find out where JOY resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. Can you embrace JOY when you are challenged ... in some of your darkest moments. What I discovered is that nothing and no one is all good or all bad. When your heart is saddened, how can you embrace JOY. Look around you, JOY is everywhere...children laughing, running, playing...that is when you realize that in any moment of darkness JOY CAN BE FOUND! STAY TUNED... Rise above...etc. Conditions...etc. Feel...etc. Fully...etc. Alive...etc.
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