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Christina Barber

Casebook: Paranormal


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Join Casebook: Paranormal to discuss all things paranormal, from a skeptical and scientific point of view. No orbs, no EVP's, and no ghost boxes here.We are NOT armchair skeptics. Just a group working their way through the maelstrom of bad field protocol (aka TV investigator technique) to carve a new, skeptical approach to the topic. To learn more about us, visit us at www.casebookparanormal.com

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There has been an explosion onto the media scene lately of children who have memories that are not theirs. These children claim that they once were someone else, and have those memories to go with the claim. Families and experts have... more

Join the crew of Casebook: Paranormal as they discuss the famous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Deep in a lake in Scotland lies a creature that is ancient and has many people wondering, could it exist? Or is it a complete hoax? And... more

Join the team of Casebook: Paranormal as they discuss the legendary creature known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti! We'll discuss some of the stories surrounding the big guy (or girl); learn the history of the legend, as well as... more

There have been many stories told and retold about the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 that crashed into the Florida Everglades at 11:42 pm on December 29, 1972, killing 101 people. The story continues that parts from the downed airliner were... more

Bishopville, SC has a local 'monster' they've called The Lizard Man, since it's appearance around 1988. Described as a 7ft. tall, red eyes, green skin and three very long fingers on each hand, this monster has been scaring people, and... more

Join your host, Christina Barber and co-host, Scott Barber as they answer the question - Who Are You? Who is Casebook: Paranormal, and what do they do? We will talk with the new team members and what exactly they all do with... more

Join your host, Christina Barber and her co-host, Scott Barber and a special guest Joey Ward of West GA Paranormal, as they talk about the different gadgets and technology used in modern ghost investigations. We'll discuss everything from... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, and her co-host and resident skeptic, Scott Barber, as they discuss scientific paranormal investigation. How do you use the scientific method to investigate claims of the paranormal? Is that even possible?... more

The big 'S'. Skeptics have always been considered taboo, or not welcomed to disucss ghostly theory. But do they and should they have a place when conducting a paranormal investigation? Join your host, Christina Barber, and... more

Theory of the afterlife is found in just about every religion throughout the world. But is a religious belief necessary for a belief in ghosts? Are ghosts just an extension of our soul, or are they something else? Join your host, Christina and... more
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