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I Dreamed I Was Human

I Dreamed I Was Human


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How does human life connect with soul and spirit? Your host Carolyn Gervais, author of I Dreamed I Was Human, has over thirty-five years of experience in metaphysical-spirituality. She and her co-host/husband Doug, offer revealing and unique insights about what it means to be human. And some amusing perspectives of this thing called life.

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Is it really important to know who we have been in other lifetimes? Why is it important to understand reincarnation in a whole new light? On this episode of I Dreamed I Was Human - The Radio Show, be prepared to hear an explanation... more

Almost without exception -- all of us are addicted to something. You may say, "Not me! I have no dependency on alcohol or drugs... I don't overeat or smoke... I have no issues with gambling or overindulgence in sex, so how could I be an... more

We've all had them. The dream where you can barely move as a horrible threat closes in on you. The dream where you're naked in public. The dream where you can't remember how to get home or find your way to class at school. And the... more

There is so much more to finding peace of mind than relaxed breathing and focusing on being still. The obstacles to reaching inner peace are numerous and without awareness of these obstacles, your attempts at attaining that peace can... more

Next time on I Dreamed I Was Human...the Radio Show. Are we all connected to and even influenced by parallel dimensions? Can we consciously access alternate realities and what could be the possible benefits of doing so? More and more,... more

We've all heard the expression -- The tail is wagging the dog. And all too often in this dream called life, this analogy applies to our own lives -- and we humans are being led around, controlled or wagged by our egos. We've all seen what that... more

We've all experienced the frustration of Talking 'til we're blue in the face, trying to get through to someone with something that you feel they need to know, so they can know where you're coming from...or some knowledge you want to pass... more

How can we manifest more joy and fulfillment in our lives? ... By tapping into the real power of our ability to create. Join host Carolyn Gervais, author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, as she reveals more of the... more

How do the mental and emotional boundaries we set in our world determine who walks into our lives...and who stays and goes. Discover how our relationships serve as catalysts for change, and mirrors that reflect our hearts compassion.... more

Getting Down to The Flesh and Bones of Positive Thinking. Discover the hidden part of positive thinking that's often missed. There's so much more to it than visualizing, wishing and hoping. Tune in to I Dreamed I Was Human...the Radio... more