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Bringing innovation to the funeral-home business

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CareGiverStory.com is proud to have as our special guest for todays show the Mike Belsito founder of eFuneral.

eFuneral has been featured in a wide variety of publications and media outlets. Find out what others have had to say about how eFuneral helps funeral planners compare their local funeral homes and make funeral arrangements.

eFuneral's offices are located on the 21st floor of a downtown Cleveland office building. Running late, I stepped into the elevator and noted with consternation that the elevator buttons only went up to 20. I rode up to that floor, looked briefly around, texted the company's CEO Mike Belsito, and rode back down.

"I'm looking for a place called eFuneral," I said to the security guard I found in the lobby.

"They're putting that 'e' on everything now, aren't they?" he said. "They used to actually bury the bodies."

He thinks this joke is so funny that when Mike Belsito, the CEO of eFuneral comes down to get me, he repeats it to him. Judging from his polite, restrained reaction, Belsito has heard more than a few jokes about his business. Reinventing the way people shop for funeral homes "is not the sexiest thing," he admitted.

We headed back up the elevator to the 20th floor and into a set of offices that are half Being John Malkovitch, half Hudsucker Proxy. There are windows looking out on all sides at Cleveland and the lake that made it. Each one is a perfect half moon. It was here that Belsito spun out the story of their founding.