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Carol Tuttle

The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown


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If you ever feel uncertain about how to solve a parenting problem, the Child Whisperer podcast is for you. Carol Tuttle and her co-host Anne Tuttle Brown help you be a better parent, 15 minutes at a time. Carol Tuttle is a mother of 5 and grandmother of 10. Author of the best-selling book, The Child Whisperer. Her insights will bring more joy and cooperation into your family. She is an expert on human nature and presents her understanding's in her easy to learn Energy Profiling system. Carol’s daughter, Anne Tuttle Brown, is currently raising 3 young children. She is an expert in the 4 Energy Types. Her parenting stories and solutions will encourage and inspire you. Have a parenting question? Send it to: parenting@liveyourtruth.com Learn more at www.thechildwhisperer.com

On-Demand Episodes

Your family is unique—and each child can thrive in it. Your family is loud and active, with a lot of energy moving through the house. But does one of your children not quite fit that mold? In this episode, Carol and Anne help you create... more

"Gentle." "Be soft." Do you get tired of repeating it? Toddlers need coaching when interacting with babies. And most of the things parents try may actually just wear everyone out. In this episode, Carol and Anne share tips to help all 4 Types of... more

Has your child ever gotten stuck in the past? Maybe they're still upset about something you did. Or they can't seem to let go of a past event or embarrassment. Whatever it is, you know they'd be better off by processing it... more

When their behavior is out of control and you don't know what to do... Some of their behaviors get your attention in a big way. But so often, just trying to change behavior doesn't work. If your child bothers others, acts out in public, or disrupts... more

Your natural tendencies can be your greatest gifts in parenting. As a Type 4 mom, you have a gift for creating structure and always striving for perfection. But when those tendencies get out of balance, your children can suffer in ways you... more

Your challenge this week will make your family happier. As a Type 3 mom, you're a powerhouse who can get a lot done. But if your big energy gets out of balance, you can cause your children more stress than you realize. In this episode,... more

Every Type 2 mom could use some emotional support. If you're a Type 2 mom, you naturally express a gentle sensitivity and attention to detail. You offer so many gifts to your family. But if your tendencies get out of balance,... more

Yes, you're doing the best you know how. But sometimes, your natural tendencies can get the better of you. As a Type 1 mom, you have a gift for spontaneity, adaptability, and ideas. But if those tendencies get out of balance, they can... more

Even if nothing you say reassures your child, there's still something you can do. When a child's fears get out of hand, it can feel exhausting—for both parents and child. Fortunately, it's not your job to reassure a child until they feel... more

Yes, parenting is challenging—but are you making it worse? It's so easy to do that you don't even realize you're doing it: saying words that actually set you up for failure and frustration. In this episode, Carol and Anne share the... more