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Carol Tuttle

The Child Whisperer Podcast with Carol Tuttle & Anne Brown


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If you ever feel uncertain about how to solve a parenting problem, the Child Whisperer podcast is for you. Carol Tuttle and her co-host Anne Tuttle Brown help you be a better parent, 15 minutes at a time. Carol Tuttle is a mother of 5 and grandmother of 10. Author of the best-selling book, The Child Whisperer. Her insights will bring more joy and cooperation into your family. She is an expert on human nature and presents her understanding's in her easy to learn Energy Profiling system. Carol’s daughter, Anne Tuttle Brown, is currently raising 3 young children. She is an expert in the 4 Energy Types. Her parenting stories and solutions will encourage and inspire you. Have a parenting question? Send it to: parenting@liveyourtruth.com Learn more at www.thechildwhisperer.com

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Customize your approach and see results Every child is unique—and so is their potty training experience! Some kids drag out the diaper stage and others potty train themselves in a day. To have a smoother potty training... more

Together, you're capable of creating their best school year yet. When you have school-age children, their school experience affects so many aspects of your family's life. How do you set them up for success all year? In this episode, Carol... more

Get these tips right and your introverted child won't shut you out. When you're a high-energy parent, raising a low-energy child isn't always intuitive. You can feel the tension between their pace and yours. In this episode, Carol and Anne... more

Do you ever get worn out by a child who is busy, busy, busy? If you're a low-energy parent raising a high-energy child, you already know that the combo can leave you exhausted and your child stifled. What to do? In this... more

You can have the agreeable, respectful relationship you want Type 4 children can be the easiest to parent—or the most challenging, depending on how you approach them. In this episode, Carol and Anne share 3 mistakes that can... more

What to do when they get into everything... including matches. You love your Type 3 child. They're dynamic. They're strong. But you might make some mistakes along the way that squash their big energy. In this episode, Carol and... more

Correct these mistakes and your child will relax into who they really are. You love your child. You're committed to helping them be their best. But if you're not aware, you can slip into mistakes that undermine your efforts. In this episode,... more

Even when you know your child's nature, you can make some honest mistakes. If you're a Child Whispering parent, you're committed to helping your child be their best self. But it can be easy to slip into some common mistakes. In... more

Ever get frustrated that your kids won't listen or take you seriously? Sometimes you're just too tired to stay consistent and follow through with consequences. You end up saying, "No, don't do that" to your kids several times—but... more

When your child is screaming in the car seat, it's stressful for everyone. You want to have an enjoyable experience, but when your child hates her car seat, that feels impossible! You've tried all the tricks and distractions you can think... more