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  • 01:07

    Scott Hongell .. Country Rock

    in Country Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Scott Hongell .. Country-Rock to the Show!
    www.reverbnation.com/scotthongell Scott Hongell began his performance career in third grade making acting and music videos for the Washington County school system. Education in brass instruments ensued before picking up the guitar and performing for his high school talent show both in a rock band playing guitar and Jazz ensemble playing Trombone. After joining the Marines Scott performed in his off duty time in the resort areas of the North Carolina Coast. Moving on to the far east Scott performed in bands from Northern to Southern Japan. Scott began writing his own material years ago and in between shows continues to pursue his love of writing. Slots on the bill of National Acts, television appearances, and corporate shows have made Scott a seasoned pro. Scott is a multi talented musician who plays several different instruments and prefers to play all instruments on his recordings and do his own back up singing.
    Media Inquiries:  Kim K Jones Pride MGMT. www.facebook.com/KimKJonesPrideMgmt

  • 00:51

    Organizing Your Creative Space

    in Self Help

    Do you love to create in your space but find it hard surrounded by clutter?  Do you need solutions so you can find your supplies without wasting time?  Are you ready for a space that inspires you instead of feeling like you need to shut the door?  Join me and Jennifer Lava, Professional Organizer as she shares techniques to organize your creative space.
    From all of my working experiences, Jennifer realized that “the other duties as assigned” were the ones she liked the best. So in 2006, she turned it into my own business. She works with creative, and not so creative people, who are ready for a one of a kind organizing system for their home or office that reflects their uniqueness. Jennifer also speaks to women’s groups, civic organizations.
    She is currently the Immediate Past President of the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and over the years has held many roles. In 2012, she was presented the NAPO-Austin President’s award for Exemplary Service to the Chapter. In 2015, she was presented with the NAPO National President’s Award as a member of the Marketing Committee. Along with serving on the NAPO National Marketing and Membership Committees, she is proud to be a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle, signifying an elevated level of organizing experience.
    Jennifer is has been quoted in Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, and Consumer Reports Magazines.
    Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from St. Edward’s University. She enjoys spending time with my husband, Jay and their four-legged children, Bella and Josie.
    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you.

  • 01:01

    Pleiadian Initiations with Christine Day

    in Spirituality

    In this show Christine is ‘live’ and coming to you from Grand Marais, MN. Listen as she responds to questions many of us are having and hear what the Pleiadians want to share with us. The powerful Transmission opens us into a new process that strongly supports all of us in being able to be align further to the Communication Portals and the Lemurian Portal structure.
    Christine Day Online airs on the first and third Monday of each month at 2:30PM Central time.

  • 00:52

    Team Clarity Week 22/46 Integration 101

    in Women

    Episode 22 explores the challenges Team Clarity discovers when they attempt to integrate what they learn with what they do. Listen and learn how five amazing women embrace ways to build strong, healthy, lifetime relationships.
    Join us for a year-long series with five entrepreneurs (known as Team Clarity), led by Christina Ervin.  Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons:
    they want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels.  As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them. to share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! While you listen and before you go . . .
    Follow this series. Click on the Follow button near the top of this page. Join Christina in her next class.  Click this link to explore how to join us today. Click to access on all our on-demand shows. Share this show by clicking on the social share buttons. Music: Open Those Bright Eyes, Motivator and World Vice by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

  • 01:28

    QUINTO ANIVERSARIO de "La Nueva Revolución Latinoamericana"

    in Spirituality

    Te invitamos a que nos acompañes a celebrar, el domingo 14 de agosto, a las 8 de la noche (tiempo del Centro), en una nueva emisión de "La Nueva Revolución Latinoamericana", nuestro QUINTO ANIVERSARIO AL AIRE!!!! Lo que nos hace sentir muy contestos y agradecidos con todos ustedes que nos hacen favor de sintonizarnos.
    Por supuesto, para esta importante ocasión, tendremos reunión en "Nuestro Cuartel"
    ¡Te esperamos a la celebración!

  • 01:00

    Gospel Jazz Connection in the Studio with D Nice & Ms. M

    in Entertainment

    Smooth Jazz, Gospel Jazz, Classical Jazz, Straight Ahead Jazz.  A Place where you can "Watch With Your Ears" on Sunday's at 2:30PM(PST).
    Reach out, call in to D Nice & Ms. M.  Find out from Lady D about events going on in the area.  Get a chance to hear interviews from various Artist & Celebrities.  Ease your mind as we take you on ya musical journey with the hottest music selections by Ms M.

  • 01:36

    Legacy Series - Beach Blast '93

    in Wrestling

    The one where mystic calls 911 because Sid and Vader tried to murder Sting and Davey, and you just can't settle that with a wrestling match. 
    Yes, Beach Blast 1993 is known for one of the worst video packages of all time, but the main event isn't all that bad. Everyone not named Sid brings energy to this match, and we see the legacy of Vader continue to grow, as a whole section of fans are there to see their champ.
    Plus, former Horseman Barry Windham defends the NWA/International title against Ric Flair.

  • 01:04

    Aug 12 ~ Charlotte View: Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony

    in Environment

    Charlotte View presents "Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers" A series of Ceremonies troughout the globe aim to diminish the Great Suffering coming to Earth as predicted by the Oracle and visions shared by our guests, Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis.
    In April 2016 Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis received urgent planetary visions and messages and was told to share this with his Venerable Thupten Ngodup- The Tibetan State Oracle. After an auspicious fundraising Omi and husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis traveled to Dharamsala India. His Venerable Thupten Ngodup - The Tibetan State Oracle gave Omi and Chief Olu a special and powerful initiation. After which he arranged for them to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
    Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis are a husband and wife team who travel around the world  bringing attention to the ailing state of our waters and earth. Both have enjoyed traveling to various waterways to hold traditional water ceremonies and share earth honoring teachings with various nations and peoples. Wherever they go they spread the message of oneness, compassion, love and balance.
    Both are the founders of Yeye Osun Institute of Elemental Mothers, the internationally recognized Humanity4Water Awards, Co-Founders of WaterSongline international prayer network for the waters, One of founding partners of UNICEF Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA). Both have also been invited to attend the United Nations and received blessings from His Venerable Thupten Ndogdup Kuten La – Medium for the Tibetan State Oracle and  His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
    Contact Yeye Omileye at omileye@yeyeosun.com or visit Yeye Osun Institute of Sacred Balance and Humanity4Water Award | www.yeyeosun.com

  • 00:20

    FBI University

    in Self Help

    FBI University is a school of Faith Based Instructions. Wherein, we extract the wisdom of God from the text of scripture, fashion it into practical principles of instructions, and present them through daily devotionals. Obedience to these instructions turns beliefs into behavior that advances our economical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing. Now stay tuned as John Marshall teaches you how that by following instructions you coach yourself into the Champion Circle.
    Jesus never sought to change the quality of one’s existence through prayer alone. Jesus sought to change the quality of life by issuing a set of instructions. Even to Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, Jesus gave a set of instructions, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). Had Lazarus dishonored the instructions, he would have remained dead. His quality of life changed due to his willingness to honor the set of instructions that Jesus issued to him. Prayer is a powerful tool. I continually use that God-authorized empowerment tool. However, do not seek to alter your course in life by prayer alone. God seeks to improve your life by giving you a set of instructions.

  • 01:58

    Fallen Rock Zone With Sherry and Barb

    in Music

    Fallen Rock Zone with Sherry and Barb is live Thursdays 6-8 PM Eastern Standard Time/11 PM-1 AM GMT . Send rock/hard rock/alternative/industrial/goth/electronic/synth pop music to fallenrockzoneradio@aol.com
    Twitter: @FallenRockZone
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  • 01:18

    Patricia Steere - No, I'm Not A Flat Earth Secret Agent

    in Education

    Tonight my very special guest is Patricia Steere.
    Patricia is the host of the popular Youtube channel “Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes”.
    The discussion with Patricia was wide ranging as we talk about the Flat Earth movement, her thoughts on what it means and how she handles the naysayers, deniers and those who make it their business to engage in personal attacks.
    Patricia's YouTube Channel: http://tinyurl.com/okh4xx4 Patricia's Facebook Page: http://tinyurl.com/hpjaok2