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Bill C-69 Is Law - When Does The Sky Fall? It Doesn't

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After more than two years of orchestrated panic, corporate media (mis)direction, intensive industry lobbying, legislative time-delaying and threats of litigation from industry-captured Provincial governments... Bill C-69 is now law. No more National Energy Board on new projects. No more Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 pre-determining the "review process". Considering the complete failure of that regime from the Harper era that resulted in nothing other than Federal Court appeals, Certificate quashing and projects being sent back to actually follow the rules of the process, this should be welcome news. Alas, it is not if most sources are to be taken at face value.

The reasons for rewriting Canada's major project environmental assessment rules are clear. But what about all the other fundamental factors? Why isn't the first question to be answered based on economic viability? Why does evidence demonstrating extreme harm to every species in the project's path turn out to be mere footnotes in decisions? How did the concept of "Indigenous consultation" turn into note-taking exercises? How did "public input" turn into an undefinable obstacle course designed to discourage that input? Why are alternative projects to acheive the supposed goals rejected out-of-hand? Something along the lines of the inmates are running the asylum is an accurate description.

Does C-69 fix all these shortcomings? Not by a longshot. It never would have without the eventual 150+ amendments to the original bill, never mind what was given Royal Assent. Why does the industry with the majority of project assessments, Mining, accept C-69 as a necessary update and clarification to the process? Why is their viewpoint being virtually ignored while corporate media wails for Oil & Gas? This episode will look at what has really changed, and it isn't all that much despite the narratives of Chicken Little.