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Budget 2019 Ushers In A Storm Or Just A Shower?

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Well, well, well. It seems the Conservative Party of Canada has gotten a little upset about the exact same tactics they used with zero regard for convention during the Decade of Emperor being used against them by the Trudeau Liberals. Payback is indeed a bitch. It is unfortunate the CPC can't demonstrate the same level of maturity shown by their victims of procedural shenanigans, but who is really surprised?

As Parliament returned for the last session before this fall's election, Budget Day was not like previous ones in many ways. A circus was seemingly ended in-camera by the Liberal majority on the House Justice Committee, to which opposition merely decided to shift the venue for petty behaviour to the House itself. But then when all you have is a narrative rather than actual new information, I guess civility takes a back seat to faux outrage and petulant posturing.

Remember that pledge to run TWO years of deficits? Well, it's now at least six more according to Minister of Finance Bill Morneau. But worry not, debt-to-GDP ratio is now the only statistic that matters because that one favours the government's projections. Paying keen attention to voter demographics, Budget 2019 seems geared to seniors and milennials. Not that the measures are not welcome, they're just a little half-hearted. Pensions, home ownership and a pharmacare teaser lead, while the lack of closing tax loopholes or protecting workers from bankruptcies seem to be missing.

There is some progress regarding systemic issues like poverty and water advisories, but the age-old question of not enough done or too much cost are never far away. Is this an election platform? Isn't the last budget before a vote always the primary campaign tool?

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