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The View Up Here looks at Canada's safety with Graham Chivers

  • Broadcast in Politics



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Safety is defined as freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss. Modern conjecture from Governments or other authorities seem to differ from that. In your day to day life, doing everyday things, do you feel "safer" than you used to? If you don't, can you explain why?

What does safety mean to you? Does it mean your air, water and land are safe to live on? Does it mean Canada has sufficient military force to protect herself? Does it mean society is suitably influenced so your life is crime free? Does it mean all of society should be safe from certain peril? Does it mean that a certain level of economic advancement is encouraged?

Safety and its degree are an ignored subject considering their influence. Where does the true responsibilty lie, not only in society as a whole, but in your personal life. Then where does it truly lie these days? At what cost? At what risk?

Tonight's guest Graham Chivers describes himself:

I am located in Toronto, Canada. I live green. I gave up my car. No cellphone. No processed foods, when I have the choice. No travel that requires an airplane. No over-consumption, thats my goal. I try to lead a utilitarian and simple existance. Sounds boring? No, I have replaced the ego-trappings of life with the simple pleasures. I like to share my knowledge, study advanced mathmatics, grow food, cook and bake, exercise, read non-ficiton ( should it not be called reality? ) and of course environmental issues and designing products to support my environment and simplfy lives.

I am an ex-environmental activist. I am a professional designer. I am a product design specialist. I have taken my 30 years of environmental learning and my 25 years of mechanical design expertise and ventured into "Green Design". I am a design consultant. I wish to accomplish two things. 1.) Educate people on what green is, in my opionion and 2.) Make people aware of my services for design.