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    Tips for Sustainable Wealth Management Plans!

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    Join us today for Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Cookie Walden, Founder and Wealth Manager of Walden Wealth Management.
    Cookie has a passion for teaching her clients how to invest wisely and see beyond wealth itself. Cookie teaches you how to be independent of the financial institutions and create a sustainable plan for your future. She and her firm have a planned process, which she will discuss. Cookie is determined to educate women on the intricacies of retirement, estate, investment, insurance and tax issues. Cookie has a wealth of information to share on her blog and social media accounts. Cookie was named the Connected Woman of Influence winner at the 2016 Orange County Women of Influence Awards!
    Founder and Wealth Manager, Cookie Walden has been an investment advisor since 1997. Cookie works with her clients to accumulate wealth, manage it, and disseminate it in a tax-efficient manner. She works extensively with business owners, retirees, and pre-retirees to ensure an inspired retirement by aligning their values with finances designed to last; and provides tools for business owners to allow their money to work hard for them instead of the other way around.
    As the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle Bergquist is a passionate advocate for women in business. At Connected Women of Influence, we believe that more women need to lead in business and everything we do is center-focused on designing platforms, programs, connections and collaborative opportunities for b2b women to prosper, succeed and lead the way in business today!

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    QBO Show: Intuit's Kim Amsbaugh & Chris Repetto + QBC/Ian Vacin + KarbonHQ.com

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    The first half of the show will be Kim Amsbaugh and Chris Repetto, back with updates on QuickBooks Connect 2016. 
    The second half will be another long time friend, Ian Vacin is our guest this week to talk about a GREAT app: KarbonHQ.com
    The central place for your client work, communication and team collaboration, Karbon puts the information your team needs at your finger tips, helping you stay on top of your game.
    Designed to keep everything in one place, there’s less wasted effort picking up and putting down work or asking for information.
    Same talk show format, same fun times, only we're back to audio only podcast. We'll be answering your pressing questions about QuickBooks Online, helping you become a Firm of the Future, talking to accounting industry guests and sharing best practices for your bookkeeping, accounting or consulting practice. 
    Every Thursday, 3-4p PST/6-7p EST

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    Guest: Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman, LLC

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    Our guest shares their significant story behind being an entrepreneur, and lessons learned in their journey to achieving Significant Business Results. Hosted by "FranneTastic!" Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio and TV Host.

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    Do you want to live a more vibrant life?

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    Do you want to live a more vibrant life?
    The Heart of Living Vibrantly™ provides one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, tele-seminars and special events to help you  get to know deeply and live through your heart.  We explore spiritual concepts-in-action, and bring to life in approachable and understandable ways spiritually-rooted habits, and practices from around the world that can improve the quality of your life.   While we deal with religious and spiritual concepts, we are not a religious business.The Heart of Living Vibrantly™ will help you look within, connect your values and strengths to your results, free you from inner and outer blocks, and support you to take action to create the life you deserve.

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    Avon Motivational Radio Show - Roundtable Discussion

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    Avon Motivational Radio Show is designed to help Avon Representative Take Their Business To The Next Level. We invite various guest onto the show each week to discuss new products, recruiting, salles tips, networking ideas, to keep you updated and inform and business strategy. Our guest range from Avon represntative, Corporate, business coaches, motivational speakers, life coaches and authors.

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    Show #166: An Engaging Leader is a Flexible Leader

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    Special Guest: Mark Huggins, Owner and Managing Director of Mark Huggins Coaching and Corporate Drama
    We explore the research by Towers Watson, Gallup (and others), which shows that creating an actively engaged workforce requires agile and flexible leadership strategies, objectives and behaviours. What is this elusive ‘Leadership Dance’ that you never see on Strictly Come Dancing?
    Our conversation explores how effective, dynamic and engaging leaders are those who know how to assess their people’s ‘skill/will’ and how to then deploy the appropriate leader/coach/manager style of leadership. This is where so many leaders go wrong (unintentionally) and the results can be catastrophic for their teams and their business/organisation.
    Mark Huggins is the owner and Managing Director of Corporate Drama, the dramatically different training company. The Corporate Drama team helps business people learn the behaviours and relationship skills to create the very best places to work.
    Join us as we discuss how creating an actively engaged workforce requires agile and flexible leadership strategies, objectives and behaviours.
    Host: Jo Dodds

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    From Vision 2 Purpose

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    Join Selena & Kim to discuss and be empowered for PURPOSE.

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    Building A Brand The Art Of Networking

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    Given Small Business A Platform To Showcase There Product and Service

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    Adam Lerner On Leverage Masters

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    Adam Lerner is the World's Only Transformational Coach who focuses on Coaching people that have a chronic illness or disability that are unable to hold a regular job due to their illness, disability, or any other reason and Reclaim their Personal & Financial Freedom by Starting their Own Business from Home, Having a Freedom Lifestyle, and making a Difference for others like he did over 20 years ago.
    Leverage Masters Radio helps you Put Lifestyle Back in Business by getting more done, with less effort, in shorter time so you can build a bigger business that makes a larger impact and lets you live the life of your dreams!
    The Leverage Black Book helps YOU to become a real Leveragist. You'll even think like a Leveragist and when you put the tools and strategies in the Leverage Black Book to use in your business!  Our advice... Get the book!
    Download your copy for free at:
    Learn more about Adam at: www.whoisadamlerner.com

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    Norm Blumenthal, Warren Wilson, Jeff Cox

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    Norm Blumenthal attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as the one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Regular contributor on Money For Lunch
    Warren Wilson his inventing story started in his backyard shed. He had idea for a children’s toy BetterBlocks which, to his surprise, went on to become a $45 million business! Commercially-speaking it was his biggest shot. In its prime - he is proud to admit –it gave Lego Corporation a bit of a headache. He have experienced the highs of creating a $45m business to the lows of being bankrupt! Both experiences and all the ones in the middle have taught him great lessons in life
    Jeff Cox  creative writer and author who penned the famous business novel, THE GOAL, working with entrepreneur and consultant Eli Goldratt. THE GOAL has been named "one of the 100 best business books of all time." Jeff's most recent books are VELOCITY and HANGING FIRE
    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com. Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook. Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter. Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez. Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

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    MLM After Hours explores MLM Environment on Building Fortunes Radio

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    MLM After Hours explores MLM Environment on Building Fortunes Radio.....
    This is almost like the MLM Whos Who www.mlmwhoswho.com  From the Multilevel Market International Association to The Academy of Multi Level Marketing to The Network Marketing Business Journal, you can learn alot here.
    You can find moire references on ,Youmongus Ads, www.youmongusads.com MLM News,www.mlm.news, MLMIA www.mlmia.com and www.mlmiaradio.com .
    So watch out for all the MLM scams, MLM Pyramids, and learn what the FTC www.ftc.gov, the SEC www.sec.gov, www.investor.gov and the FDA refer to when they deal with the network marketing issues.
    Building Fortunes Radio is pleased to host MLM After Hours Live on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday (if there is onoe) live at 10:00PM Eastern.   These are replayed on the second and the fourth of every month.  http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/mlm-after-hours/
    Tune in to hear Len Clements, Mel Atwood ,Peter Mingils, Carol LeClerc, Doris Wood, Michael Linden, Kevin Grimes, Dr. Keith Laggos as they discuss current events and industry trends.

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