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    This show is dedicated to keeping families together, and to fighting the tyranny of CPS and DCFS social workers.  A secondary purpose of the show is to educate parents and relatives, or to at least show them where to get the necessary information for their fight.  The final purpose of the show is to remind the people that change can be effectuated at the ballot box, at the state and federal levels.  Let us unite, vote and elect those who will make the necessary changes.

  • Millionaire Training Circle

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    How to Establish Momentum

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    Keith Neumeyer--Gold/Silver Bull Market Just Getting Started! #3271

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    Keith Neumeyer is a CEO who never stops moving. First Majestic Silver a major silver producer that he runs, has been extremely volatile this year, trading at a low of $2.50 to a high of over $19 and currently is selling for around $10.50. First Mining Finance, of which Keith is the Chairman, has seen similar volatility, trading between $.31 to $1.31 and is currently at $.85. Keith successfully completed 8 acquisitions at First Mining in a short time period. Recently First Mining exchanged some promising silver properties in exchange for equity in the newly listed Silver One Resources. He's highly optimistic about its prospects. We've been partnering with Keith for a long time now and we're at a mystery over when he finds time to sleep. But time waits for no man and Keith is so excited by the abundant opportunities that he's decided that sleep can wait, but the market cannot!

  • stunning bonsai trees list

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    looking for different mediums for art? Check out what artists have created using bonsai trees as their medium. This is my list of my favorite bonsai works of art

  • Dr. Ariston Awitan on Vizionary and Capricoin on Building Fortunes Radio

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    Dr. Ariston Awitan on Vizionary and Capricoin on Building Fortunes Radio

  • Eren McKay of McKay Social

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    Eren McKay is Social Media Strategist and SEO consultant. who provide search engine visibility by finding the best keyword phrases for client websites and setting up a social presence to attract their ideal audience.
    Some of her services include keyword research, competitive analysis, and On Page Optimization in which semantic words and phrases are used, schema markup and a variety of other factors.
    She cater to the best practices in the search world that are compliant with Google’s Webmaster, Content, and Quality Guidelines (also known as ‘white hat’).
    Her years of detailed dedication to clients allowed her to be nominated and winning the SEO Woman of the Year in 2012.
    She was also featured in the Huffington Post.
    Website: www.mckaysocial.com
    Twitter: @erenmckay 

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    CW 733 FBF - Jason Hartman – Rent-to-Value Ratios, Bitcoin

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    There’s a nostalgic feeling to today’s Creating Wealth Show as Jason Hartman provides a live recording from the 2014 Meet the Masters event in Orange County, California. This gives listeners a taste of what they can expect from the January 2015 event in Irvine, California, and also provides a good opportunity to see how far the financial and real estate worlds have come over the past months. Key topics covered include the Case-Shiller index, reassessing Rent-to-Value ratios and the development of bitcoin.
    Key Takeaways
    04.30 – Jason Hartman’s investment strategy doesn’t focus on appreciation – if it happens, it’s a bonus.
    07.45 – Bitcoin and its competing alternative cyber currencies really came about because people are starting to doubt the fiat money Central Banking model that we’ve become accustomed to.
    10.50 – Despite being the most commonly used index, Jason Hartman would only recommend 6 of the 20 markets proposed by the Case-Shiller index.
    14.08 – As humans, we find it inherently difficult to know when to cut losses and just walk away.
    15.50 – Niall Ferguson claims that the most powerful part of the financial system is the bond market, and we would all do well to remember that.
    20.09 – Real estate is not a very liquid market and so even when prices drop, they don’t drop as quickly as most other asset classes.
    26.18 – Rent-to-value ratios change totally if you think about the actual utility cost per month – how much is your renter paying to use your property, and how does that compare with what you think the value is?
    31.23 – The forms and uses of money have changed many times throughout history, and now we’re dealing with the technological side of currency, which has led us to bitcoin.


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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for  Connected ANCA INAPA WAF  TRADE  SHOW on  Saturday...live show Connecting with our Host Tim Pylypiuk is Presenting  ANCA Trade Show Showcasing Artists in different mediums, Delegates ...artists themselves hearing their Conversations Stories arrise live on the radio 

  • prssousa

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    Did you want to know the secreat of how to start a successfull business?  Join us as we welcome prssousa will be here to tell us about his self publishing business and how he made it a success

  • 9 Step Formula for Entrepreneurship Fulfillment

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    Being an entrepreneur has tremendous rewards. The process helps you build character and strengthens your faith. Like everything in life having a formula can make the process run smoother and save you time and money. Join us as we connect with Allan Knight, Coach, Speaker, and Author of 'A Knight without Armor.' His 9 Step Formula 'Connect with Power' is sure to take your business to the next level or get you fired up about your dream of entrepreneurship. So tune in and join the discussion on October 2, 2016 at 9 AM Est. 

  • Today's Focus "LIVE from the Women's Expo!"

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    1:00 pm Eastern, "Today's Focus, host Crystal Hughes:
    "LIVE from the Women's Expo!" Join Crystal as she interviews vendors and guests at the Maryland Women's Expo, from CCBC Catonsville.

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