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    Episode 189-Meghan Lynch on How Family Businesses Can Grow-Building My Legacy wi...

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to Episode 189 of Building My Legacy.In this podcast Meghan Lynch, the founder and CEO of Six-Point Creative, talks about her entrepreneurial journey and how it led to the focus of her company: Helping family-owned food and beverage businesses move from a “stuck brand at a plateau” to a focused, scalable brand positioned for sustainable growth. The Six-Point Creative flagship program — Solve for Y Brand Accelerator System — is designed to help family businesses double their business without losing their existing customers or values. Meghan shares with us the most common mistakes family businesses make and her recommendations for what businesses should be planning for now. It’s a fascinating discussion for any business leader and one that will be of particular value for owners of family businesses.So if you want to know:– Why businesses get “stuck” — and it’s not for lack of opportunities– Why you need to figure out the DNA — “do not alter” — of your brand– How internal/external branding can help you retain key employees and position your company as an employer of choice– How the fear of alienating an existing client can stop you from growing– How knowing your company’s touchpoints can help you spend your marketing dollars more effectively About Meghan LynchMeghan Lynch is a brand strategist and founder and CEO of Six-Point Creative. She basically fell into entrepreneurship and, when her co-founding partners retired, realized she had to figure it out for herself. After talking with other CEOs of family-owned, closely held businesses, she decided to focus Six-Point Creative on family-owned restaurants and food manufacturers. Today she helps these businesses make smarter, faster decisions that drive growth. A sought-after speaker, Megan was named one of the Enterprising Women of the Year in 2019. She has set up a special landing page on her company’s website for Building My Legacy listeners. At

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    Online Marketing: Organic Website Development and Content

    in Marketing

    Everything is turning to online marketing these days.
    During this pandemic, businesses have had to think fast on their feet and operate in a new way. Lawyers included.
    With changes in how the world of business operates, online marketing is more important than ever.
    Attorney, Jonathan Rosenfeld has managed to consistently grow his business (10-20% annually) in the wake of additional competition and headwinds from the Covid-19 pandemic. At a time when other law firms are struggling to stay afloat, Jonathan continues to expand his law practice into emerging areas that help stabilize his revenue in uncertain times.
    Jonathan joins Adam to share what he has learned about online marketing and operating in a pandemic.
    How to expand your business; Areas business owners should invest in; The definition of a successful business; What is wrong with the current office set up for most professionals; And so much more! It's still possible to have a thriving, successful business in this Covid-19 era. Tune in and find out how!

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    The truth is, most people answer yes to these questions.  If you are one of them, I strongly suggest you create a working budget.  If you’re like most of us, even mentioning the word “budget” can make you quiver.  Similar to the word “diet”, it seems to suggest that you are about to deprive yourself of what you really want.  The question is: what do you really want?  If it is a desire to get ahead of the game and have a surplus at the end of each month, then read on and empower yourself with the knowledge to make it happen.
    On the road to financial freedom, it’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a clear idea of where you are or where you want to go.  A working budget should be your first step.  This helps you to chart your actual expenses, enabling you to direct your resources more effectively.

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    SBA Covid-19 EIDL Loans

    in Business

    Since the initial announcement about the corona virus spread within the United States, the small business community has been suffering. Consumer fears, power grabs by larger firms and statewide lockdowns have put small business a disadvantage.
    Amall business owners are hurting. Many have questions on relief funding, new regulations, impact of inflation and preparing for business credit. This show was launched for the purpose of helping small business to navigate these turbulent times.

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    Where is all the money

    in Entrepreneur

    With all the money being printed out by the federal reserve, there is no such thing as of no money to be around. In fact money is everywhere. Some of you may be trying to figure out how to get this extra money to escape debt or quit your 9 to 5. In this episode, I will explain to you where you can get unlimited taps of money without breaking your back for it. 

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    Reputation Matters for Everyone with CEO Jeffrey Tinsley

    in Marketing

    The founder and CEO of “the biggest social site you’ve never heard of,” Jeffrey Tinsley has been an Internet businessman longer than many of his site’s users have been alive. A perpetual entrepreneur, for Jeffrey selling his first startup for a nine-figure payday, wasn’t the culmination but the auspicious beginning to a dynamic career in a new and evolving industry.
    Jeffrey Tinsley’s professional life started in the typical incubator of the era: his mom’s garage. From that starter office, he built GreatDomains, an early leader in the field of internet domain transactions which eventually drew the attention of web infrastructure giant VeriSign. They eventually agreed to purchase GreatDomains for $100 million. From there, his career has proven that this early success was no fluke at all, but only a sign of what was to come.
    Few would forgive Jeffrey Tinsley for slowing down after a life-changing buyout, but that wasn’t what he had in mind. Instead, the results of that transaction fueled the step which would end up making an even greater impact, not only on Jeffrey but on the rapidly growing tech industry as a whole, not to mention a positive impact on the lives of millions.

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    How the Pandemic is Impacting Your SSDI Application

    in Finance

    The Social Security Administration was not immune to COVID-19. Like every other aspect of life that changed with the pandemic, the SSA needed to pivot in order to serve the public. While this was a daunting task, the organization transitioned into an almost entirely remote workforce over the span of a few days. 
    First, they created an updated mySSA portal.
    Second, new “Social Security Statements” were recently introduced. 
    Third, the telephone system will be overhauled. 
    Fourth, the SSA authorized e-signatures and electronic representation forms. 
    Since all the SSA field offices are closed, they needed a solution for how to conduct hearings. Optional telephonic hearings were quickly implemented. This is a great option for individuals who live in remote areas or people who have difficulty walking. Video hearings, using Microsoft Teams, were also implemented, allowing the judge, the claimant, and the attorney to meet “face-to-face.”
    In the near future, these alternative formats for hearings will remain. It would not be surprising if the SSA allowed optional virtual hearings indefinitely.

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    Your Rights as a Power of Attorney

    in Legal

    According to Wikipedia, "A power of attorney or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor." Today, Estate Planning and founder, Rebecca Goldfarb and Laura French will shares and discuss these legal authorities in America. 

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    The Errol Jones Show -Black Community Development through Youth Entrepreneurship

    in Entrepreneur

    Tonight, we begin the process of organizing your family, organization, or businesses to generate income while directly contributing the success of the Black community or at least those who desire to be more successful.
    We have a prominent place for youth from ages pre-natal to college. 

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    There's Nothing New Under The Sun "TNNUTS"

    in Social Networking

    TNNUTS is an interactive bible study that compares what was going on in biblical days to what's happening today.  Truly There is Nothing New Under The Sun.

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