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    CW 688 FBF - Matthew Quirk NY Times Best-Selling Author of ‘Hacking the Fed

    in Finance

    Matthew Quirk is the author of the best-selling book, ”The 500? and author of the new book on the Fed, “The Directive,” which centers on a conspiracy plot at the Federal Reserve. Quirk joins the podcast to break down how realistic this plot could be today.
    Quirk spent a year working with red team security experts, hackers, lock pickers, social engineers, and sources inside the Fed to map out what a true-to-life 21st century heist would look like at the most powerful bank in capitalism. He shares the loopholes within the Fed’s security system and gives his guesstimate on the best chance someone has in hacking the Fed.
    Key Takeaways:
    (0:50) Intro portion of the show (12:52) Looking at 1984 (19:47) Upcoming Creating Wealth Seminar in Little Rock, Arkansas (27:27) Introducing Matthew Quirk (37:18) Discussion of social engineering (38:55) General thoughts on the role of the Fed (41:49) Security & The Fed (43:24) Closing comments
    Find out more about Matthew Quirk at www.matthewquirk.com.

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    Brexit and the Long Way Down For Markets

    in Finance

    From The Desk of David Gurwitz
    For new clients, we mentioned on CNBC in late 2014 that we would not see more than 5% upside in Equities until the big crash starting in 2017
    At the time, the S&P Futures was trading around 2120 
    Although it reached that level a few times afterwards, we felt being long stocks was risky, and many stocks lost a big portion of their market capitalization
     We sent the study below as #2016 - 013 Charles Nenner Research Center - Summary of 5 Economic Indicator Forecasts and Some Thoughts on "Fundamentals" - Jan 24, 2016 Sunday
    It explains how cycles work
    We quote in part from that study:
     Late in 2014, based on our cycle work, we noticed instability in the markets 
    For our new subscribers, we review our philosophy: 
    Cycles predict the ways investors will react to the news and events - based on rigorous analysis and calculations of past patterns. We do not know these events, but they do not have to happen for the effect to occur - at cycle tops or bottoms
    For example, if the Fed only thinks about raising rates, it already has an effect At cycle tops, the media will bring up every negative detail they can come up with. At cycle bottoms, the opposite is true  - the media will bring up every positive detail they can come up with. When President Reagan began serving in 1981, it seemed that he could do no wrong - and longer term equity market cycles were up from that point,. Therefore, we consider these cyclical and target patterns to be more fundamental than so-called "fundamentals"., The problem arises when long term investors decide - based on cycles - to leave the markets and short term investors take over

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    6-27-16 "MI Solutions for Portfolio Lenders" w/ JIM JUMPE

    in Finance

    Have you ever actually read your mortgage insurance provider’s master policy and realized its implications for your business? Are you looking for ways to originate outside-the-box of that master policy but want a safe and strategic way to do it? Did you know that not all master policies are alike? For June 27th’s Hot Topic segment, I welcome Jim Jumpe, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, who will discuss a powerful MI master policy solution that can open up fresh opportunities for your business. You may have heard Jim already on the show as the Voice of RateStar, advertising Arch MI’s innovative risk-based pricing program that is revolutionizing the MI industry. For this segment, Jim will talk about why a master policy’s terms truly matter and how they can limit or vastly expand origination opportunities.
    As normal, the first half of the program will feature, Joe Farr of MBSQuoteline providing a rate & market update, Alice Alvey of Indecomm Global Services providing a regulatory & legislative update as well as Paul Muolo of IMF News & Sam Garcia of Mortgage Daily giving us a quick overview of the latest news stories impacting out industry.  
    Please tell others about this program and take a minute to share a link to this program with your friends and associates in the mortgage industry.
    Thank you, David Lykken

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    FF: 4 Productivity Hacks to Get MORE done!

    in Entrepreneur

    Goals workshop sign up here! 
    4 Productivity Hacks: 
    Do a Time Audit: Write down every time you switch tasks! Spend an hour and write down every single thing you do.  Focus! No distractions. Do a power hour: work for 45 minutes on ONE thing, take a 15 minute break.  Get rid of your distractions.  Work on tasks that move your business forward! For more information visit Nicole's blog!   

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    Challenge your Mortgage Servicer and Successors: Overcoming Legal Presumptions

    in Finance

    Tonight Neil Garfield and southern California attorney Charles Marshall will discuss the recent Massachussetts case US Bank v. Bolling.  For years legal presumptions attached to "facially valid" documents and the banks and servicers were able to argue through their sham surrogates ("successors") that any inquiry beyond the paper trail was irrelevant because the the issue had already been decided in the early motions of the case wherein those legal presumptions were used to sustain the implied perspective of the banks, servicers, and their surrogate successors. The tide has changed.
    Charles Marshall, Esq. attorney in Northern California joins us again as the featured attorney. Charles has been a long time supporter of the livinglies blog and has contributed to the analysis and strategies that are reported on the blog. He has exceptional critical thinking skills and the ability to understand the strategic winds that are blowing. Things are changing rapidly. We'll be talking about Yvanova, Keshtgar, Lundy, TILA Rescission and current trends.
    Charles Marshall
    Law Offices of Charles T. Marshall
    415 Laurel St., #405
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Phone 619.723.7071
    Fax 866.575.7413

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    Selling Art Face to Face

    in Business

    (If this show does not play, please click this link: http://mygoldenwords.com/interview-with-connie-mettler-of-art-fair-insiders/)
    Mckenna Hallett, a professional trainer and consultant for small business, shares strategic tips from her 25 year career that has covers the entire spectrum of earning a living as an artist: developing a jewelry line, selling one-of-a-kind work to fine art and craft galleries, servicing wholesale accounts (including Neiman Marcus) and selling at a weekly retail show near her home in Maui. 
    During this time she has always mentored other artists including teaching seminars on how to sell art. Mckenna has developed a selling system, the E's of Sellling. We talk about what she has learned and share her very solid selling advice. This is not about selling online, but rather how to make more sales in your face-to-face engagements at your shows.
    Ever hear, "I'll think about it? " Gain confidence and learn what to DO and SAY when they say they need to think about it! Did you know you are a already a perfect "salesperson" when you are recommending a good book or a restaurant?  You share good things naturally, until it's YOUR art you are recommending. We're not talking about being salesy or “closing deals”. Listen to find out what to do next including solid tips to take to your next show.

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    Britney Griner "It's Cheaper 2 Keep Her"-CTSHOW- (773) 897-6277

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on Living Off The Grid Radio Charles Tyler is back with another exciting podcast. Of course as per usual Charles brings you a very exciting podcast and tonight is no exception.  Our podcast tonight will start with:
    Britner Griner: "It's Cheaper To Cheap Her".
    Ms. Griner a WNBA All Star has been given a Court Order to pay $5,000 to her ex wife who gave birth to twins.
    Call into our LIVE STREAM tonight with all of your questions, comments, and concerns @ 773-897-6277

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    Saivian 4 Star John Cini

    in Entrepreneur

    Saivian 4 Star John Cini joins us to discuss this past weekend's Global Launch Event in Las Vegas along with being presented The President's Award! 

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    The Pros & Cons of writing Bail for Solicitation (California Penal Code 647(b)

    in Legal

    On this Episode #4 we will be talking about the Pros and Cons about writing Bonds for Prostitution. 
    We are going to interview a few seasoned Bail Bond Agents to discuss this very controversial Taboo topic and Find out which Bail Bond’s Companies write these very risky bonds and which ones that don’t. 
    We will also be talking with a few former defendants who were arrested under this charge and what happened to them during their bail bond process.
    This is Carlos Antonio Montenegro, I’m a Bail Bond’s Agent living and working in the City of the Angels. 
    I wanted to invite you to my new radio show, the LA BAIL AGENT Radio Show.
    The LA BAIL AGENT Radio Show is LA's Premier Radio Show about the Southern California Bail Bond’s Industry and the lives that it affects. 

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