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• Every 40 seconds, 2 children go missing in America. • 23 War Fighter’s take their own lives every day. • 4 Million Canine are euthanized each year in High Kill Shelters. • 170,000 American Horses are slaughtered on Foreign Land for Human consumption every year. BRING THEM HOME has now CHANGED and Features Guest speaker’s on all these subjects and more. It is our intent to educate America how we can Rescue Horses and Canine, with the Assistance of War Fighters and their families and give them new purpose as they are trained in Therapy purposes and Search and Rescue. BEING THEM HOME NOW has evolved into a Show that now has several HOSTS and CO-HOSTS Nationally, that represent several different Organizations and Programs that Offer services to families of the Missing, Our Struggling War Fighters and of Course Animal Rescue. Before you join us each night at 7 PM please be warned that you will need a tissue and it is a Tear Jerking, sometimes heart wrenching story about to come your way. You will be on the edge of your seat as our guests speak out about their loved ones that are missing, and as War Fighters testify how they have over come struggles and have taken the IM off of VICTIM and have added OR to become VITCOR’S in their lives. YOU as the Audience are the only ones that can help us to spread the word and help us FIND THE MISSING, assist WAR FIGHTERS that have sacrificed in the Service to our County, and help ANIMALS now have a VOICE. COME BE PART OF THE SOLUTION… Because it is not just a PROBLEM, it is an EPIDEMIC. AMERICANS helping AMERICANS and IT IS “US HELPING US” Our show will be going TRIPPLE 7. 7 Nights a Week 7 Families of the Missing Interviewed 7 War Fighters Honored Each Week AND DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN US at 7 PM EST WE HAVE THE TRIPLE 7 now. • 7 War Fighter Stories • 7 Missing persons cases • 7 Days a week AND DON’T forget to join us at..YOU GUEST IT!!! 7 PM EST!!!! WE have a whole new face n

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ROGER DALE DOUGLAS is missing from MURFREESBORO, TN. WHO ARE THE RIVER PEOPLE? Does the Cumberland River hold the CLUES TO SEVERAL MISSING PERSONS CASES? We owe it to you to bring this to a... more

VANISHED? I don't think so... SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING!!!This family DESERVES answers, and this COMMUNITY needs our help finding Sharon WEST. She is a 15 year old girl. Sharon West. She has been missing since July... more

This is a story that you will not soon forget. A story of a true American Hero. To see this man walking down the street, you would not recognize the Superman abilities that ooze from his body, or his heart. He is a "WORK Vessel for... more

On September 11, 2011, we will have a very special show, dedicated to YOU. Our family and friends across America that have beloved PATRIOTS, that they want the world to know about. So what is a PATRIOT?... more

Betty Lee Hanson does not claim a VICTIM, she is a SURVIVOR... and is the last known survivor of SERIAL KILLER " RALPH RAYMOND ANDREWS." Her story will inspire all victims, and survivors of abuse and loss. THURSDAY night!!!... more

ON June 28, 2011 Erica Gainey went to meet Terry Dale Robinson to pick up some money in Fayetteville, North Carolina at approx. 2:30 a.m. THEN SHE VANISHED!!! Robinson stated that he had only seen Erica when she picked up... more

On February 9, 2009 little 5 year old Haleigh Cummings went missing from Putnam County, Florida. Several searches have been performed, arrests have been made, however HALEIGH has never been found, and NO ONE has been... more

.My sister Tracy Myers,disappeared on June 25,2000. She was last seen getting into a green pick -up truck on the 3500 block of Kensington ave in Philadelphia.The driver was described as a male with a dark complexion. Tracy... more

Tonight we will bring to you a story, you will not soon forget. Nestled in the Holler's in Kentucky, in a County named PIKE (and several surrounding counties) there is an epidemic going on. Residence of these communities... more

Tonight, Rachel Englehart Director of PATRIOT OUTREACH PPP-RECOVERY PROGRAM (VIP PONIES, PATRIOTS AND PEOPLE) and FOUNDER of "Bring Them Home" will share her story in depth. From the trenches, she has... more
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