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Brett Singer

Brett Singer


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Brett Singer writes for The Daily Beast, daddytips.com and other outlets. TV appearances include Fox News, CNN, and ABC News Now. Check this page for a complete schedule of upcoming shows, or sign up for the iTunes feed.

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Everybody wants to be cool. When did this start? James Dean? Earlier? Were there cavemen who tried to impress cavewomen with their designer woolly mammoth jackets? Today I'll talk about how everyone wants to be cool,... more

There are real life superheroes among us. No. Really. There are. They have an acronym - RLSH. They have web sites. I'm fascinated by these people, and you will be too. Also: Many stories have been told this week about George... more

On the agenda this week: John McCain rapping, LeBron James decision, and those dopey Russian spies - so much going on in the world, both real and imaginary, there's always plenty to talk about. Tune in.

This week I'm joined by Jeanne Sager. We're going to talk about journalism - Joe McGuinness, the guy who moved in next to Sarah Palin and is writing a book about the former Alaska governor, and M.I.A., who got so mad about an article... more

Let's see if we can get through a show without mentioning Star Trek. Probably not. Maybe I'll do an over/under on how many minutes until somebody starts talking Trek. Not sure if I would take that bet, frankly. Gary Coleman, Rod... more

This week we welcome back Jeanne Sager from CafeMom's The Stir to talk about Shannon Morell, a woman who had someone else's embryos implanted in her by mistake and went through with the pregnancy anyway. Other topics include:... more

I'm back. This isn't Babble Talk Radio anymore, which we'll talk about. Other topics include race, comic books, and Betty White on SNL, all of which are related. Plus our new segment "Everybody Hates The Jews" (Pat Buchanan,... more

Today's topic is food. And also, the Apple Tablet launch, because really, what else is happening in the world? On the agenda: farm shares, aka CSAs, which I recently discovered. The food is great, but some of the people... We'll also talk... more

Droolicious blogger Chris Ford joins us to talk about the new baby and kiddie products that he saw at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

We were going to talk about Kanye vs Serena, and we will, but we're going to spend some time on the tape of President Obama calling Kanye a jackass. Also today on Morning News Live, Jeanne Sager and Brett Singer discuss the... more