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Want to improve all aspects of your life, relationships, and businesses? Would you like to discover YOUR natural secret weapon? Do you want tips and tricks to access and maximize using this secret weapon? Then you will want to turn in every week to hear how you can tap into this AMAZING resource...Your Brain. The Brain Lady Speaks show is about all things related to maximizing the power of your brain and understanding of the brain personality connection and the mind/brain/body connection can improve your businesses, relationships, health and life. The field of neuroscience is revealing amazing things about the brain. In the show we will explore the latest findings to see how they have practical application in our lives. When this knowledge is applied you will become a more effective and understanding parent; thrive in your personal and professional relationships; and see an increase in your business growth and profitability! Join us every week to have your MIND blown and your BRAIN expanded!

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Every parent wants to raise healthy happy kids. Some may even hope that they grow up to become geniuses. Yet understanding the growing brain of a child is difficult. It seems like every week there is some new product emerges onto the... more

Today on the Brain Lady Speaks Show Julie will discuss the topic of confidence and how to step into your power as a leader with personal transformation expert for confidence and leadership Yvette McDowell. Find out how Yvette's ?can... more

The Human Brain Projects. In 2013 both the US and the EU have joined forces to spend a decade focused on understanding the brain in greater detail. What makes it work? How does it grow? How are memories formed? How is intelligence... more

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or a power house mom, you are most likely juggling many tasks. Often times these tasks use large amounts of brain power and leave you exhausted. Today on the Brain Lady Speaks show... more

Achieving a high level of mental health and wellness is elusive to some plus all want to harness the power of their own brain for greater success. Are there any tricks or tips for achieve this elusive goal? Yes there are. Courtland McPherson,... more

No matter who you are or what your occupation at some time you will have to sell something. It may be a product you have, a service you provide, or just selling to someone the benefits of working with you. Whatever the case you will LOVE... more

Why would a full month be devoted to stress? Are people really that stressed out? Are you stressed? Most will say yes. As a matter of fact stress in some forms can actually be good. Yes, that is what I said and it is true. What type of stress and... more

This week on the Brain Lady Speaks show Julie will share her passion...the Brain Personality Connection. She helps you to understand how gaining knowledge of the various personalities cain assist you in increasing your sales... more

It is Brain Bits time again. With all the information flowing out of neuroscience it is hard to keep up with it all. So once every few weeks Brain Lady Julie shares some bits of new findings that can help to support us in all areas of our life.

We had so much fun last week talking about this topic that I thought I should continue it this week. Science is helping us to understand so much more abot the functioning of our brain that we need to pay attentiontothe findings. Today on... more