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Want to improve all aspects of your life, relationships, and businesses? Would you like to discover YOUR natural secret weapon? Do you want tips and tricks to access and maximize using this secret weapon? Then you will want to turn in every week to hear how you can tap into this AMAZING resource...Your Brain. The Brain Lady Speaks show is about all things related to maximizing the power of your brain and understanding of the brain personality connection and the mind/brain/body connection can improve your businesses, relationships, health and life. The field of neuroscience is revealing amazing things about the brain. In the show we will explore the latest findings to see how they have practical application in our lives. When this knowledge is applied you will become a more effective and understanding parent; thrive in your personal and professional relationships; and see an increase in your business growth and profitability! Join us every week to have your MIND blown and your BRAIN expanded!

On-Demand Episodes

Why is it that self-control is such a challenge for us? Why do some people tend to exhibit greater self-control than others? Is it possible to train your brain to have more self-control? All this and more will be discussed on the Brain Lady Speaks... more

Words They can lift up, they can tear down. Some people can let negative things said to them just roll off their back, while others are powerfully hurt by them. Why? Why do words have so much power and why are some brains effected more... more

Being offended hurts! But holding on to the anger of being hurt causes even more damage. Yes long term bad stuff. Listen today as Brain Lady Julie reveals what is happening in your brain and body when you fail to forgive. Neuroscience is... more

What is creativity? Where is it found in the brain? How is creativity connected to sleep? Can you train your brain to become more creative? If so, how? All these questions will be answered on the Brain Lady Speaks show. Join us today and... more

What is the neuroscience of laughter? Why are researchers so fascinated with their findings? How can you benefit from the results of their research? This and more is what Brain Lady Julie will be presenting on today's show. Learn how... more

Let's talk the brain and PTSD. A serious condition that effects 10-20% of returning veterans and 1 in every 15 people that have experienced any trauma in their lives. This condition can be debilitating and effect a person's ability to work,... more

Every entrepreneur or business person desires more success. Every person in a relationship wants to have great interactions with their significant other. Each person wants to have a place where they can relax and unwind. Do you agree?... more

We know that stress will have a negative effect on our minds and bodies, therefor obviously effecting the life of an unborn child a woman would carry. But just how much? Can it affect the child's naturally developing bacteria? On the very cellular... more

Many desire to achieve a higher level of success in all areas of their lives. They desire to unlock their full potential, to be their best self. What is the key to gaining this success? How can we be more creative, more successful, and achieve... more

When you hear the term Radiant Living what do you think of? What mental picture comes to mind? Is it something that you feel is within your reach? Today on the Brain Lady Speaks show Julie will interview radiant living expert Dr. Rachel... more