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Want to improve all aspects of your life, relationships, and businesses? Would you like to discover YOUR natural secret weapon? Do you want tips and tricks to access and maximize using this secret weapon? Then you will want to turn in every week to hear how you can tap into this AMAZING resource...Your Brain. The Brain Lady Speaks show is about all things related to maximizing the power of your brain and understanding of the brain personality connection and the mind/brain/body connection can improve your businesses, relationships, health and life. The field of neuroscience is revealing amazing things about the brain. In the show we will explore the latest findings to see how they have practical application in our lives. When this knowledge is applied you will become a more effective and understanding parent; thrive in your personal and professional relationships; and see an increase in your business growth and profitability! Join us every week to have your MIND blown and your BRAIN expanded!

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Is there a connection between our brain and avoidance behavior when it comes to money? Absolutely! Does it really matter if there is? Absolutely? Do you tend to not want to discuss or address things like retirement planning, life insurance,... more

What does it mean to lead an extraordinary life - a life that POPs - with passion, purpose & personality? Why is it so important that we do? What does POP stand for? What's the price people pay for not leading lives that POP? What do... more

What does POP stand for? What's the price people pay for not leading lives that POP? What do people struggle with most - that keeps them living in their bubbles? What drives you to do this? How does the work you do change lives?

How do you feel each morning when you head to work? Do you suffer from the blahs every time you head into the office? If you are an entrepreneur, do you tend to avoid your office, preferring instead to work at your kitchen table or on... more

Every entrepreneur has a very busy life. Can this chaos effect your brain in a negative way? What are some tips and tricks to manage all this craziness in our lives? You will just have to tune into the Brain Lady Speaks show today and... more

In today's high-pressure life is there a way to control your thinking process and improve your health? Can you achieve greater success through practicing mindful meditation? Is it a hard process to do? If you want to know the answers, then... more

Why does the brain procrastinate? Is there a neuroscince reason to help us understand? If so what is the key to being more productive? The answer to these questions and more will be discussed on the Brain Lady Speaks show today.... more

Most people think that you can't actually change ingrained patterns like anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, maxed out stress, lack of fulfillment, low energy, pain, patterns of self-defeat, under-earning, underperforming and more. Most people... more

"Train Your Brain" That term gets plenty of attention. Is it possible? Can you really train your brain? The answer will be revealed on the show today. This is a replay of a show Julie did in January of 2016 and the tips and information is still life... more

Can horses help us build better relationships and become better leaders? What is it about working with equines that can enhance and build our skills and communication? If you spent time with a horse could it help you to discover... more