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Virgo: Detail Driven Analyst or Anal Retentive Criticizer?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Brad Kronen

Brad Kronen


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BRAD KRONEN’S WELCOME TO THE ZODIAC SERIES "I'm no fool, I've killed the boss! Do you think they're not gonna fire me for a thing like that?" - Lily Tomlin - When you walk into a stationary store, do your eyes immediately glaze over? - At any given moment is there some kind of “list” on your person? - Are the cans in your kitchen or pantry arranged alphabetically or better yet, alphabetically and then by size delineation? Who are you kidding, you’re a VIRGO! We come out of that blinding spotlight of Leo’s still rubbing our eyes to come across a very neat and tidy place freshly scoured with Ajax and Bleach – the land of VIRGO! Virgo is the first of the 3 karmic signs (Scorpio and Pisces being the other 2) and if a person is born under one of the karmic signs, their life is to be one of service to others. Virgos know this all too well since they identify themselves with their perfect (what did I tell you, there is no such thing!!!!) CLOSE to perfect, precisely detailed work and their key phrase is “I ANALYZE”. Although Virgo is one of, if not THE healthiest sign of the zodiac with natural/homeopathic medicines under their domain, a tendency to have a healthy regimen of daily life habits, plus keeping floors so clean you can eat off of and toilets so scrubbed you can drink out of, typical Virgoans will crumple like flies if they feel their work isn’t being appreciated or worse, if they don’t appreciate their boss! Virgo Fun Fact: The animals assigned to the domain of Virgo are domestic pets, or quite simply cats and dogs! So don’t even think this much loved astrologer and dog fanatic would bring a pet to a non-Virgoan veterinarian! (it may take a bit of coaxing or dirty looks from your Vet’s receptionist, but you’ll get his or her birthday out of them sooner than later.) So join me, won't you?..... As long as you bring your OWN can of disinfectant and rubber gloves (You thought I would share mine?? SO unsanitary!!).