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A unique news and Information radio show with live guests who will be interviewed and allowed to share subject matter which they are experts in. Investigative commentary exposing corruption and lies of government, individuals and sharing the spiritual foundation of Satan's new world order per the last days

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This is Part 2...purpose to include that which I forgot and which needs to be revealed about my other experience with this Texas Roadhouse at the hands of other employees while pointing out the major flaws and LIES by owner Johnny... more

Got a call today from owner of Texas Roadhouse in Springfield Missouri, Johnny Cunningham. I thought it would be a "belated Happy Birthday" given Sept. 12th was my birthday and I asked him to call me about a special cut rib eye that I... more

https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2019/02/06/exposing-the-pathological-liar-ksa-i-e-to-whom-it-may-concern-lies-about-me/ My purpose for this program is to vindicate myself with irrrefutable TRUTH... more

WARNING...GRAPHIC LANGUAGE OUT OF THE MOUTH OF KAREN SUE ANDRAS AND OTHERS...NOT FOR CHILDREN! Not only did she want me murdered by John Trudell her "lover" and head of the American Indian... more

Bill Bunting states that ALL women are "rape available" and should love being raped and ask for me when being raped. He stated that to this woman...a Native American woman he calls a CUNT and "Prairie Nigger"! Bunting also called... more

CONFIRMED THAT BUNTING BEAT MY WIFE...WRONG MOVE DIRTBAG! https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/bill-bunting-felony-assaulted-and-raped-karen-sue-andras-and-almost-killed-her/ My blog connects more dots to Buntings murderous behavior including... more

See BLOG too! https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2018/09/21/back-on-radio-with-all-kinds-of-interesting-updates-on-woman-hater-bill-bunting/ Toni Anderson update...latest on my slanderers and MORE! Gutting... more

BLOG CONNECTION.... https://wordpress.com/post/richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/4942 Lots of information...some new and some repeated for the purpost of refocusing on the... more

Look at the latest richardboydenreport.wordpres blogs "Toni... more

Here is the info they don't like :) Do I care...really DO I CARE WHAT THESE SON'S OF SATAN THINK OR BELIEVE OR ARE THREATENTING ME WITH? After they covered up and lied about THEIR MURDER OF THIS... more