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Bottled Business Sense provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies to protect and insure the longevity of your business. Whether you’re trying to provide a startup business with some level of stability, or an established business with fool-proof asset and estate protection, or simply attempting to get a better return for your business marketing dollars, Bill Bernard and Rick Moscoso will expose potential pitfalls to insure the security and growth of your business, free from unwanted expense and the threat of litigation. You’ll learn how to implement marketing and protection tools equal to those used by today’s most successful corporations. *All calls answered during live shows will be responded to in the comments section under that show at: http://www.bottledbusinesssenseshow .com

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If you qualify for this exclusion, you may do anything you want with the tax-free proceeds from the sale. You are not required to reinvest the money in another house. But, if you do buy another home, you can qualify for the exclusion again... more

A California employer should always require all employment documents, including an employee offer letter of employment, and company policies, to be signed before a new hire starts the first day of work. Individual employee files should be... more

Most people put ?buy more life insurance? on the very bottom of the ?things that excite me? list. But if you've realized that life insurance is often the most cost effective answer to several very important problems, you have probably also... more

(Click HERE to view our simulcast) Do you know what is supposed to be placed in an employee's personnel file? Are you aware of the rights that a current employee and a former employee have with regard to inspecting their personnel... more

Are you personally liable for business debts? The answer depends largely on the structure of your business. If you did not form a specific business entity and you are the only owner of the business, you are probably a sole proprietor. A sole... more

Simulcast @ http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com Clearly, there are issues all employers should be aware of concerning the implementation of workplace benefits, that employees are not only entitled to, but many of which are required... more

Clearly, there are issues all employers should be aware of concerning the implementation of workplace benefits, that employees are not only entitled to, but many of which are required by state law. A failure to adhere to these laws can... more

http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com All asset protection planning is based on two premises: that creditors can generally reach any asset owned by a debtor; and that creditors cannot reach those assets the debtor does not actually own.... more

http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com/ If a California business has employees, then the employer must obtain workers' compensation insurance. The insurance coverage should take effect from the moment the first employee commences... more

Bottled Business Sense Show In order to establish a constructive discharge, an employee must plead and prove he or she was compelled to resign. However, in order for this to be actionable, you must typically demonstrate that you were... more