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    Chasing Entertainment will cover all forms of entertainment. Marta will chat with those who create that which entertains us. Over the coming years, she will talk with both those who work behind the scenes and in front of the camera or microphone.
    Thrown into the world of publishing ten years ago, she found that trying to promote her work was the hardest part of being an author. Since then, she's branched out, lost her inhibitions and faced the publishing world head-on. Not only does she work with Owl & cat Promotions, but she also has two Blog Talk Radio shows each month, where she chats with other authors.
    Dellani has said she has enough books to keep her readers busy for the next 10 years. In fact, it's probably more. With 120 finished novels, (14 of which are published) she also has 62 more currently being worked on – which she finishes first will depend entirely upon what characters yell the loudest. Dellani is a former AP English teacher, photo-journalist.
    Karen started her literary journey in 2005 when she was home on sick leave and was tired of staring at the four walls or twiddling her thumbs. An idea for what would become DEAD ON ARRIVAL popped into her head and the feisty 30 something character Laura wouldn't leave her alone til her story was written. Laura took a break from pestering the poor author, so she could write a free-standing novel DEAD COMIC STANDING.  Soon Laura was on the campaign to get Karen back to what would become the Laura and Gerry series.  It now has 7 books, the latest being DEAD TO WRITES.  While not w writing her fingers to the bone she hosts WRITERS ROUND TABLE the second Tuesday of each month. She is also a partner with Viv Drewa in OWL & CAT PROMOTIONS, promoting independent authors.  Karen is a standup comedian who does her routine for local talent nights and loves reading, crafts, and drawing.

  • Episode 106 Angela & Julie Scipioni

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    Angela’s insatiable appetite for literature has always been a way for her to escape reality and imagine different lives for herself. She says the dream of writing an inspiring novel that might encourage women to make peace with their past and live in the moment saw her through one of the most profound experiences of my life: co-authoring 'Iris & Lily' with her sister Julie.” Julie started writing at 12 years old, keeping a journal to record the thoughts and feelings that always seemed to be gushing out of her - from her frustrations with being at the bottom of the hierarchy in her large and overbearing family to the confusion and exhilarating experience of first love. Not only has co-authoring "Iris & Lily" with her sister Angela given her a hearty outlet for her passion for writing, but Julie says that sharing her story has also given meaning to her own pain and challenges. In addition to being co-author of the Iris & Lily novel series, Julie is the vocalist on the "Songs of Iris & Lily" music CD. To learn more about Angela and Julie Scipioni and their work, please follow @irisandlilythenovel on Facebook & Instagram, and @irisandlily on Twitter.

  • RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "BUY THE BOOK" with Lisa Kirazian

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    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB'S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "BUY THE BOOK," where HOST BEEM WEEKS is joined by AUTHOR LISA KIRAZIAN. We will be discussing her novel APPASSIONATO. Join us as we explore this book and become better acquainted with the author. Visit the author's RWISA PROFILE.
    This segment of BUY THE BOOK is being sponsored by RWISA, Rave Writers - International Society of Authors.
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  • Dr. Hicks continues to play jazz with his Quartet in solo performances throughou

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    Dr. Hicks continues to play jazz with his Quartet in solo performances throughout the United States and abroad. His CDs include Take Me Away, Cartagena, along with solo CDs My Favorite Swings, My Funny Valentine, and Besame Mucho, which feature exciting collections of original, standard smooth jazz. The Hicks Quartet has performed at Scullers Jazz Club, and at the Top of the Hub, as well as numerous social and charity events throughout New England.

  • Katara’s Cafe: The Kings Are Coming!

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    Royalty is upon us Ladies and Gentlemen!! 
    The authors of the upcoming series Kings of the Castle will stop by with their royal tea!! 
    Each King has its own bookand their own special way they take care of their kingdom and the problems that come with it! 
    The authors will describe their works, the creativity behind the story, future projects and a surprise question by yours truly!! 
    Here on Katara’s Cafe we are rolling out the red carpet so ..... TURN ON, TUNE IN, AND TURN THE HECK UP! 

  • RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE" with Jan Sikes & Ron Yates

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    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB'S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE," with HOST JAN SIKES and CO-HOST RONALD E. YATES. Join us for a thought-provoking and inspirational half-hour!
    This segment of ASPIRE TO INSPIRE is sponsored by JOY NWOSU LO-BAMIJOKO, author of LEGEND OF THE WALKING DEAD.
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    Big Blend Radio: Author Dianne Romain - The Trumpet Lesson

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    Join hosts Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine and Park & Travel Magazine, for Big Blend Radio with author Dianne Romain, who discusses her debut novel, "The Trumpet Lesson." "The Trumpet Lesson" explores how societal attitudes about teenage pregnancy, race, adoption, family, and homosexuality affect personal integrity. It’s also a story of how music plays a key role in healing from hidden loss. Book royalties will be donated to the Laurie Frink Career Grant for young brass musicians and Mujeres Aliadas for women’s reproductive health. Featured music on this episode is “My Vagabond” by Arizona artist Ted DeGrazia.

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    Author Gill Paul joins Your Book Garden Radio

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    Gill Pauls historical novels have reached the top of the USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail and kindle charts, and been translated into twenty languages. They include two bestselling Romanov novels -THE SECRET WIFE and THE LOST DAUGHTER - as well as WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST, which was shortlisted for the 2013 RNA Epic Novel of the Year award, NO PLACE FOR A LADY, shortlisted for a Love Stories award, and ANOTHER WOMAN'S HUSBAND, about links between Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana.
    Tina Susedik is an award-winning, Amazon best-selling, multi-published author with books in both fiction and non-fiction, including history, children’s, military books and romances. Her favorite is writing romance stories where her characters live happily ever after. Tina also writes spicier romance as Anita Kidesu. Her romantic suspense, “Love With a Side of Crazy,” was recently named for Book of the Year in Romance with Authors on the Air Global Radio network.
    Your Book Garden is a copyrighted podcast owned by Authors on the Air Global Radio Network

  • Season 1, Episode 3 - Ebook or Physical Book: Is there room for both?

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    Since the first PDF copy of a book, since the first e-reader came along, there's been a constant argument over ebooks over physical copies. Time to take that argument apart and see what we come up with. Maybe there's room for both in this world. Maybe you don't have to choose. Join me and let's discuss

  • Author Nita Sweeney on the Authors Alley Show on WoMRadio

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    Nita Sweeney, author of Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink, writes, runs, and coaches writers in central Ohio where she lives with her husband and biggest fan, Ed, and their yellow Labrador, Scarlet. She blogs at Bum Glue and publishes the email newsletter, Write Now Columbus. Amy Eisenbach, owner of Go Buckeye Fans, lives in Somerset, Ohio with her husband and best friend, George, their three grandchildren, and their dog, Buckeye.
    Join us on the Authors Alley on September 25th at 1pmET/10amPT and anytime in archive. Connect with Nita on her site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and Amy on her EBay Store.
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