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    Let's Talk Too! Pastor Erika T. Moore

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    I'm your host
    Author Sharnel
    Pastor Erika T. Moore,
    She was born to Sandra Williams September 5,1969. Pastor Erika was born and raised in Wyandanch New York. She has five beautiful daughters Jocelyn, Joyelle', Jewel, Jornee' and Charity. She has worked as a licensed Teacher's assistant since 1998. Pastor Erika also holds an associate degree from Suffolk community college in liberal arts. She has attended Bible College completing and graduating in Evangelism. She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior at the age of 21 in New Jersey. Receiving spiritual impartations, Pastor Erika was ordained in the office of a Prophetess May 30,2009. In June of 2009, "United Voices of Social and Spiritual Concerns Ministries “was birthed. From this ministry Real Talk and Sisters with Purpose was developed. In February 2012, Pastor Erika heard the call to pastor and was released with the blessing of her Pastor of Olive Branch Ministry, Pastor Craig Dowd Sr., in September 2012. In January 2013, "Charity House of Prayer and Worship Center was born. On December 21st, 2013 Pastor Erika and Apostle Adolph Moore joined together in Marriage. Currently Pastor Erika T. Moore is the Pastor of Praise God International Ministries, Inc in Lillington, North Carolina by the side of her husband Chief Apostle Adolph Moore. Pastor Erika enjoys spending time with the Senior Citizens at Green Leaf Nursing home in Lillington NC, every Thursday mornings. She is also the co-founder of MEP Publishing with her husband. Pastor Erika has published two great books, “A Mother’s Time To Heal’ and “Sister’s With Purpose. I am My Sisters keeper”. Pastor Erika also written the play “You Don’t Know Jack”, coming soon. Pastor Erika enjoys spending time with her family and church family. She enjoys singing, writing, reading, and outreach.

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    Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams

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    Topics of conversation:
    Christian Existentialism
    Hip Hop and Philosophy
    American Politics and Racial Issues
    Today's Culture and Diversity
    Is Cultural Harmony Achievable?

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    Stephen Schwertley author of Enemy in the Heartland and Revenge Unleashed

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    Stephen Schwertley will speak about his work, his life, and specifically his new book

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    The Star Chamber Show #76, featuring Della West!

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    Author Della West stops in for a visit in the Star Chamber with co-hosts Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel this Wednesday at 9pm EST!  A California-based writer of prose and poetry in multiple genres, Della has a sharp wit and style that listeners are going to enjoy!  Don't miss this show and be sure to participate in the live chat room! 
    About Della: The works of Della West include Battle for Vicksburg in Southern Haunts 2, The Apartment House in Southern Haunts 3, Chicago Mike in State of Horror: Illinois. Cowboy poems that have been published are Find Myself A Cowboy in Unbridled Volume 1, A Cross of Rough Wood in Unbridled Volume 2.

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    The Story Blender with special guest Carole Bugge

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    C.E. Lawrence, playwright, novelist, improv artist
    Having written nine novels and six novellas, C.E. has received glowing reviews from The Library Journal, Kirkus, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and many other publications for her gritty stories. Drawing from her background as an author, an actor, and a Steampunk fan, she delves into the story penning process and shares the core ingredients in the stories she tells.
    For more information check out www.thestoryblender.com. All shows are brought to you by Suspense Magazine, www.suspensemagazine.com You can email radio@suspensemagazine.com to get a hold of any of the hosts.  

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    Penelope Cole Talks about Her New Books

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    Penelope Cole Talks about Her New Books

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    WWIAAL Radio Show DJ Gatsby & Bestselling Author KD McGregor

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    There's only one thing that certain in life: from the day we are born we will surely die.what make life interesting is everything that happens in our lives in between the beginning and the end.the Jordan family were no different from anyone else just a loving family trying to make ends meet in the Brooklyn projects. After the unexpected passing of there of their father, the Jordan brothers found themselves pulled into a life of crime struggling to keep there mother, their girlfriends,and most importantly of all each other from being swallowed up by the mean streets of Brooklyn. How far would you go to protect the ones you love?what lines would you cross? The question facing the Jordan's is the same one each of us might have to face any day now : What would you do if your back was AGAINST THE WALL

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    Literary Diva Presents: Author Joyce T Strand!

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    Join us as we welcome a well know guest back to our show, "Joyce T Strand." 
    Joyce will be here to chat about her new book titled, "The Reporter's Story." Which is now available for pre-order at many online retailers.
    About Joyce:
    Joyce T. Strand is the author of who-done-it contemporary and historical mysteries set in California. All of her published six novels are inspired by actual events and/or real people, although they are definitely fictionalized.
    Strand headed corporate communications at several biotech and high-tech companies in California's Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Unlike her protagonist Jillian Hillcrest, however, she did not encounter murder in her career. Strand lives with her two cats and collection of cow statuary in Southern California, and enjoys exploring and writing about the growing wine region in the Ramona Valley near San Diego.
    About "The Reporter's Story:
    Emma Matheson is a reporter who is a bit naive.  She picks up on this suspicious burglary that has a lot more questions than answers. 1912 was the year and for many who wasn't wealthy it would seem suspicious to not claim your values. Especially values worth 8000 thousand dollars.  This very thing is what piques Emma's interest immediately.  Emma dives in and finds that while investigating what was said to be burglary isn't what it seems. Could this be the story that will make Emma Matheson a world famous reporter? 
    This mystery will keep your eyes glued to the page for sure.
    Tune in as we welcome back author, "Joyce T Strand."
    Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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    Charlie Checkers Previews Don Winn Books

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    Join us at the Campfire with Charlie Checkers as she talks with Don Winn about his Cardboards Box Adventure Series and the latest preteen series Sr Kaye The Boy Knight.
    Don Winn Award Winning Author

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    Laney's World feat Daniel David

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    Daniel David is the author of The Witch of Mhorydia, a horror story. Laney Smith will discuss horror, his inspiration and his writing style. Tune in to listen, participate and find out where to get your copy.