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    Book of the Week

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    This is the show that is open for you. Bring yoru favorite book, tell us about your reason for writing or reading, or just tell us what is on your mind. I will be reading to you what is on my mind, and giving you the opportunity to join the discussion.

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    Dear Texas Radio Show 268 with Helen Munday

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    Helen Munday, was born during the apartheid era of South Africa. Her dream of going to America began at age thirteen, and was realized at age twenty one. She captured the hope of all that being an American inspired. At age twenty eight, after many adventures, struggles and miles, her destiny to becoming a United States citizen was truly worth the journey.
    To learn more about Helen and her books, please visit https://books.txauthors.com/category-s/2645.htm

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    Episode 61 Leah Lindeman

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    Leah Lindeman is the author of Redeemed From the Ashes, Ghost of My Heart as well as the upcoming, Wisps of Gold and has been writing since she turned 16. Leah started out writing poetry and short stories and then moved on to her novel series. She’s married, has 4 kids, owns a horse and rides for therapy. Leah is a huge book lover and is also planning to go back to school one day to go into medicine. For more information about Leah Lindeman and her books, please sign up for her newsletter at leahlindeman.com and connect with her on social media @leahtlind.

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    Susan Wingate hosts author Bruce Holbert on Dialogue!

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    Bruce Holbert is a graduate of the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Hotel America, The Antioch Review, Crab Creek Review, Other Voices, The Contemporary West and the New York Times. Holbert grew up in the Grand Coulee near the Columbia River. His family was among the and among the first settlers of the country. His first novel, Lonesome Animals was a top ten pick in 2012 for The Seattle Times; it was followed by The Hour of Lead in 2014 (both Counterpoint), which won the Washington State Book Award 2015 and was named by Kirkus Reviews as a top 100 pick for 2014.  Holbert’s most recent novel, Whiskey is with MCD and Farrar Straus & Giroux.
    Whiskey is the story of two brothers, their parents, and three wrecked marriages, a searching book about family life at its most distressed — about kinship, failure, enough liquor to get through it all, and ultimately a dark and hard-earned grace. With the gruff humor of Cormac McCarthy and a dash of the madcap irony of Charles Portis, and a strong, authentic literary voice all his own, Bruce Holbert once again traverses the harsh landscape of America’s northwestern border and finds a family unlike any you’ve met before.

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    The New Panic Room Episode 111

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    Join James & Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with horror author Daniel L. Naden and crime fiction writer Chris Roy. Don't miss the fun and shenanigans! 

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    Robin Leigh Anderson is My Guest Author on November 7th

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    Futuristic sci-fi at its finest! Don't miss November 7th when I'll be hosting Robin Leigh Anderson. She'll be reading from Suncatcher. * * *
    In the far future Terran asteroid miner Lt. Ard Jay Solstad crash-lands on a faraway unknown planet during a meteor storm and must survive for at least three months before the signal buoy can reach someone to dispatch rescue.  Ard is stunned to meet the last survivor of the planet, a silicon-based humanoid who looks like the stained glass suncatcher he had in his window as a child.  Despite the odds they fall in love as they both try to survive on what they can glean from his ship---glass for her---and carbon-based foods for him from the planet.  But, facing almost certain death as she cannot physically leave her planet, Ard must leave her behind when the droid ship arrives to rescue him.
    Three years later now Captain Solstad returns with a full complement of miners for the lucrative claim that basically gives him the planet, and settlers to repopulate the empty planet…to find his beloved wife alive, and his SON, half Terran and half Preth.  TeeCee’s and their son’s telepathic abilities aid in the investigation of colony bigots and prevent tragedy, while the community and the surviving Preth come to terms with their existence and their changed world.  Ard’s able efforts, together with his trusted Commissioner of Police Jameson, to establish a generational world for the Terrans and the remaining Preth, bring Ard to a stunning point in the evolution of humanity.

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    Tons of plot!

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    Michael and Connor read issue 9 of the All New X-Men series from 2015 and issue 2 of the new Fantastic Four series!So, catch up on those issues and tune in!
    Michael and Connor have started a Comic Book Club! Each episode, they have read 2 issues that are going to be completely SPOILED, so if you’re going to listen, make sure to read along with them!
    If you would like to contribute to the conversation, you can email them at comicbookcompanion@gmail.com and they can be found on Instagram and Twitter @Comic_Companion

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    Discover the mysterious world of Ancient Medicine with Nick Polizzi

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    After watching this, I’m convinced remembering the roots of human health has never been more important.
    That’s why I’m so excited to share this with you.
    It’s called Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness.
    The series premieres September 5th and is only available for 2 short weeks. But you won’t find it in theaters or on netflix. The only way to see it is to Register Here.
    This hard-hitting, transformative documentary explores the most powerful herbal medicines known to man – the cumulative work of at least a thousand generations of our human ancestors.
    This is how humanity survived and thrived in the most challenging conditions imaginable: ice age, drought, plague, famine, and worse.
    And it can help you with your challenges today.
    For just a few short days, you can have full access to this world premiere… completely FREE.
    Click HERE to register for this limited-time premiere.
    This journey of rediscovery could transform your health – and the health of your loved ones.
    I’ll be tuning in for sure!

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    Columbus Author Princess Graham Talks About Her Book "NATIVE"

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    "Native" by Princess Graham
    "Native" is a story set back in the 1600s when the Pilgrims came to America. The book is about a Pilgrim and a Native American who become friends. When the war starts, they get separated, and they find their way back to each other.
    Princess Graham is an 11 year old 6th grader who attends Rainey-McCullers School Of The Arts. She enjoys drawing, painting, crafting, writing, singing, acting, and fashion. Princess has just finished writing a play entitled "Star"! It is based off of her first published book, "Shadow", also available on Amazon. Princess has designs book covers for fellow authors
    Facebook Page: