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    Books and Entertainment Tales From the Pages Welcomes One Author and Two Poets

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    On Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 4pm Eastern time host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes an old friend, Heather Haven, who is an author of several books and was on the show last year around this same time to talk about her book, The Christmas Trifle.. James Rothlein was supposed to be on last month's show but technology wasn't working and he couldn't coonnnect. Hopefully all will go well this time and we will have him here. James has two books out and is a poet. I think when you hear them you will find his poems are delightful, thought provoking and concise. Timothy Payton is a colleague from Motivational Strips and a friend as well as an author and a poet. He has a new book out called, Scattered Colors about which he will be talking. As always there might be some surprises. Listeners who are serious may call in with questions or comments for the guests. If you miss the live show you can hear it in archives later. 

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    Ryan Steck "The Real Book Spy" Joins Host Susan Wingate on Dialogue!

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    Praised as “one of today’s finest reviewers” by Gayle Lynds (New York Times bestseller and award-winning author), Ryan Steck has “quickly established himself as the authority on mysteries and thrillers.” (A.J. Tata, Bestselling author of the Jake Mahegan thriller series.)
    Since launching The Real Book Spy, Steck has broken relevant industry news, written hundreds of book reviews, and conducted interviews with many of the genre’s top thriller authors on his way to becoming one of the most respected voices among thriller fans.
    “He’s the guy people in the mystery/thriller world talk to behind the scene.” — Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author 
    A former sports writer who transitioned into publishing word in 2014, Steck worked as a book critic and reviewer for several other websites and media outlets before launching The Real Book Spy in December of 2015. Since then, he’s worked with a number of authors as a “book doctor,” and earned a loyal following of diehard readers and become the go-to source for all things thriller.
    “The Real Book Spy is a great follow” — Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Scot Harvath series
    A resident of Michigan, along with his wife and their six kids, Steck cheers on his beloved Detroit Tigers and Lions during the rare moments that he’s not reading or talking about books on social media.  He can be reached via email at

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    SpeakIntoThePODLight S6 Ep105 Intro's New Author: Nyatu Marvel on Debut Book

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    Tonight on SpeakIntoThePODLight S6 Episode 105 we talk to NEW AUTHOR - Nyatu A. Marvel: He is the co-author of the new book “Why He Married Her & Played Me: Nine Secrets To What He’s Thinking.”  He is a true renaissance man, a published author, an investor, trader and Black Love Enthusiast. He is the former co-host of iHeart Radio Talk Show He Said, She Said.  He sat on the He Says/She Says relationship panel at the 25th Anniversary of the Black Woman’s Expo, Co-Moderated the Chicago Black Culture Week Do You Still Believe In Black Love? Community Discussion, the Kiss & Tell Relationship Panel Series as well as numerous other relationship panels, talk radio shows and podcasts.  He creates and champions content for his #DearFutureWife and #TheBlackMenAndWomenUnificationProject social media campaigns, to provide and promote positive energy, perspectives and images of Black Love, Relationships and Marriage, and to show Black Men the tremendous Value in Partnering with the right Black Woman. As a Dating and Relationship Coach, Media Personality and Public Speaker, his personal mantra is “Live Life On Purpose.”
    Buy the Book: Amazon & B & N Retailers
    From the authors...
    Facebook: Nyatu Marvel and shoot an address and $20 Ca$hApp
    IG: MarvelousSince1974
    Reviews are appreciated!

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    Once Upon A Villain Series Special with best-selling IR Romance Author Sonja B.

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    Meet another villain from the Once Upon A Villain Series, Season Two, Book 7, Dr. Isak Jekyll!  Loving the Jekyll by best-selling IR Romance Author, Sonja B.  
    The Man Though he’s always had it rough, Isak Jekyll tries to live an honorable life. But it seems the entire world is against him. He’s haunted by the sins of his father. Because of those sins, enemies from his past are stalking him, trying to get the secret formula his father entrusted him with. Then there’s the beast who lives inside of him, a separate entity, who is hell bent on destroying everything and everyone around them. Then Chasity Nichols enters his life and everything changes. But is she for him or against him? Only time will tell. The Beast They call him a beast for a reason. Blaise Hyde is the rebellious type who wants to take the entire world on. Nothing and no one scares him. Filled with anger and a kiss my ass attitude, Blaise is not to be reckoned with, that is, until he and Isak find themselves in a situation that may be their downfall. When he sets his sights on Chasity, no one, not even Isak, will stop him from claiming her as his own. The woman they both want. A mistress of seduction, Chasity Nichols is the best at what she does. She’s her boss's secret weapon to get information from his enemies and destroy them. But this latest assignment might prove to be the hardest one she’s ever faced. Isak Jekyll is like no other. When she looks into his eyes, it’s like someone else, or rather, something else, is staring back at her. The things he does to her mind and body have her questioning who or whom is seducing who? The man, the beast and the woman they love.  Who will be left standing?
    #VillainsDoItBetter #OnceUponAVillain #VillainsNeedLoveToo

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    Jason Stuart, Comedian, Author LGBTQ Activist, Mentor Oct 22 9PM EST

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    After years of steady work in film and television, and over 150 credits on his IMDB page, actor and comedian Jason Stuart has achieved a pinnacle of success many actors only dream of. “For the last few years, people have started to approach me and say, ‘You’re that guy,’” he explains with his characteristic gravelly laugh. Indeed, with guest-starring and supporting credits in everything from the Billy Bob Thornton starrer "Goliath" to Judd Apatow’s “Love” to “Sleepy Hollow” to “Tangerine” and “The Birth of a Nation,” Stuart has now established himself as one of those all-too-familiar faces who might just pop up anywhere.


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    Go Deep by Rilzy Adams-Women On Words October Book Club

    in Books

    Welcome to Women On Words, Season 2, Episode #2
    Go Deep by Rilzy Adams is the October Book Club selection: 
    It was all supposed to be so simple.
    Navaya Howard is an erotic writer in a rut. Her readers are fed up of her stale plots and Navaya can’t blame them. She’s been celibate for over a year and a half since finding her now ex-boyfriend’s side chick’s positive pregnancy test on her bathroom counter. How can she write steamy romances if she can barely remember which body parts go into the other?  Navaya enlists the help of her best friend, Xander, to revive the inspiration that used to have her sitting comfortably at the top of her game. What happens when the sex hits deeper than either of them expected and the tender emotions can no longer be denied? 
    Navaya and Xander’s arrangement has gone far deeper than intended.  Will their friendship and their hearts survive the fall?
    Rilzy Adams needs only five things to survive: sushi, coffee, Prosecco, cuddles and words (though not in that order).  She's a lawyer by day - writer by 'whenever she can get the free time' and believes that love makes the world go 'round. It is no small wonder, then, that she can't help but pen tales of people falling in love.
    Download the book on Amazon at: Facebook Page: Rilzy Adams Twitter: @rilzy Instagram: @rilzywrites | @rilzya Website:

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    Chapter 5: Episode 3

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    The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon is a spin-off podcast from the former internet radio show The Writer's Edge with McKensie Stewart.  The After Show is a platform created to help authors promote themselves and their work. The After Show will also  provide writing tips, and expert advice from the hosts, and other guests. Guests will include authors, writers, editors, publishers, and many more from those within the literary world.   The After Show and its hosts are large supporters of Indie Authors. The After Show wants to help people share their stories with the world.