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    Professor Hendryx vs. Big Coal

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    What happens when a public-health researcher deep in coal country argues that mountaintop mining endangers the entire community? Hint: it doesn't go very well.

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    Heart Pounding YA Thriller Based on Real Life by Wilson Carter III

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    Pinched is a gripping novel based on the electrifying true story of Marco, a poor adolescent Colombian fishermen who dreams of wealth, yet those ambitions result in his forced servitude to a ruthlessly violent Narco Para-military organization who operate at the height of Colombia’s war torn, drug fueled civil war.       
    Wilson C Carter III was born in Boca Raton, FL and spent his childhood summers with his family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is 24 years old and an avid Miami Dolphins fan. Following his graduation from Florida State University and inspired to change the world, he volunteered in public schools as an English teacher in Barranquilla Colombia. One day, while exploring the beaches of Colombia, he, by chance, befriended Marco, a former Drug transporter for the A.U.C, a Narco Para-military organization. Marco's story was so awe inspiring that Wilson, with Marco's permission, wrote the novel Pinched. Wilson currently lives in Tallahassee, FL and is pursuing his Masters degree in Marketing from Florida State University. Wilson and Marco remain great friends.
    Radio host and author Laura Moe spent most of her working life as a librarian and English teacher in central and Southeastern Ohio, but has recently moved to Seattle where she writes full-time. Moe is the author of YA novels Parallel Lines (Fat Cats, 2015) and Breakfast With Neruda (Merit Press, 2016, ) named by the New York Public Library as one the Best Books for Teens in 2016. She believes knowledge is power.
    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, LLC.

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    In Faith Network Radio Show Presents: Barry Milazzo

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    Don't miss the author of All The King's Horses, Barry Milazzo, on Thursday, January 26th at 6pm EST. He joins me on In Faith Network Radio Show to discuss his amazing novel on Spiritual Growth, and overpowering faith, All The King's Horses:
    All the king’s horses wouldn’t have the slightest prayer of putting your Humpty Dumpty life back together again. You don’t need a book to tell you that. You need Jesus, the King who will use your brokenness to bring about your true purpose in this world. With a happy family and millions in assets, Barry Milazzo seemed to have it all. Like that fairytale egg, his second child, Bryson, was suddenly shattered by catastrophic brain-injury. It was predicted he would never walk or speak, and he would be virtually uneducable. An unwanted divorce resulted in his raising his children alone. Financial ruin came and he lost his family home. Shocking episodes of bullying and abuse caused his impaired son to threaten suicide. Finally, physical disease and collapse nearly ended this single father’s life. Tempted to curse God and die in the face of unbearable pain, he chose to rely fully upon God, discovering timeless Scriptural truths which are passed on to the reader in this book.

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    Her Protector Book Chat w/D Camille

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    Join me for a live book chat about the third book of the Uncut Series, Her Protector. Get all the tea about Kent, Lotus, The Uncuts, The Diamonds, Justin, Carolyn, Chloe...and more.
    *The Uncut Series is the sequel to The Black Diamond series featuring the younger characters that were introduced in the original series. The mysteries and storyline follow The Black Diamond Series. It is recommended that you read The Black Diamond Series before beginning The Uncut Series to have a full grasp of the plot and storyline.*
    Kent Baker is a successful investment broker in Atlanta and resident bad boy. The green-eyed monster also serves double duty as an Uncut Diamond trained in weapons and white collar crimes. His skills are put to the test when the one woman he's avoided for years, requires his protection...but who will protect his heart from the beautiful goddess who's always been able to shake him? Dr. Lotus Masters has been waiting patiently for her Diamond. A chance encounter connects her again to the man of her visions, and she's hoping that this time he recognizes her as the woman meant for him. A threat to her life makes him Her Protector for the time being, but Lotus wants to make him hers forever.

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    Jennifer Maiden on Play With Knives

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    Poet and novelist Jennifer Maiden drops by to read from her latest novel Play With Knives: Three: George and Clare and the Grey Hat Hacker, and to talk about all three novels in the Play With Knives series, about the joy of working her poetic and complex words and ideas through a thriller styled plot, about her characters George Jeffreys and Clare Collins, and the way they continue to appear through her poetry and fiction, about writing through current affairs like the Trump presidency and the first America Gulf War, about writing literary sex scenes, and lots more.  All three novels can be obtained as free downloads from Quemar Press: http://quemarpress.weebly.com/books.html

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    Talk with Tenney Burstow and Associated Scholars Antipsychiatry/Mad Conversation

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    Call (267)521-0167 to Speak with Dr. Bonnie Burstow and Associated Scholars about groundbreaking advances in antipsychiatry on February 17, 2017 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM Eastern - This show is coming in midst of the triumph of a scholarship, the relentless media backlash against the scholarship and two highly significant book launches. In October of 2016 Dr. Bonnie Burstow endowed a matching scholarship called “The Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry" at the University of Toronto. This is the first such scholarship anywhere in the world. Correspondingly, in December the first ever anthology of institutional investigations into psychiatry came out (Psychiatry Interrogated: An Institutional Ethnography Anthology). Launches of this book will be taking place imminently in Toronto (Feb. 24) and in New York (March 11). Meanwhile, the scholarship has led to many contributions as well as mounting attacks from the media.  The significance of the moment will be discussed.  
    Guests include Dr. Bonnie Burstow, Lauren Spring, Efrat Gold, Sona Kazemi, Nicole Schott and potentially Simon Adam.
    Dr. Bonnie Burstow is an  Associate Professor at University of Toronto, the person who pioneered and endowed The Bonnie Burstow  Scholarship in Antipsychiatry and the editor of the book.  A devoted and long time  antipsychiatry activist, a philosopher, and a prolific author, her publications include Psychiatry and the Business of Madness and Psychiatry Disrupted.  http://bizomadness.blogspot.ca/

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    Literary Agent & Publicist, Dawn Michelle

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    Dawn Michelle Hardy has been called a “literary lobbyist” by Ebony magazine for her ability to help authors reach their readership using strategic promotions, win awards and garner national and local media attention. She has dual roles in the book publishing industry as both publicist and literary agent. She founded Dream Relations, PR & Literary Consulting Agency in 2004. Additionally, in 2011 she joined Serendipity Literary Agency where she aids in shaping  the careers of platformed writers. Some of her clients at Serendipity include Jean McGianni Celestin, co-writer of the Nat Turner biopic The Birth of a Nation, Kent Babb, Washington Post sports writer and PEN Literary Award finalist for Not a Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson, Clay Cane, entertainment editor at BET.com and director of Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church.
    As a publicist she works with both fiction and non-fiction authors including New York Times bestseller D. Watkins, author of The Beastside: Living and Dying While Black in America, Tia Williams, former magazine beauty editor and author of The Perfect Find and Clint Smith award-winning poet, Ted Talk conference speaker and contributor to The New Yorker.  
    While actively building her client list at Serendipity Literary Agency, Dawn likes memoirist who can capture a larger narrative through their personal story and strong hook, best-in-class professionals and educators in a variety of fields, an engaging and outspoken cultural critic, pop-culture, sports or music enthusiast with a ‘hip’ idea from an untold vantage point.  Creatives who use art as activism. Loud millennials, women and multicultural voices looking to better the world through their writing.  

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    The New Panic Room Episode 32

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    Join James Longmore & Xtina Marie for fun, frolics and lively conversationin the Panic Room with guests Cassia Brightmore & K. Webster

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    Book Launch Party for Mercy's First Semester by W.M. Bunche

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    More About:  Mercy's First Semester by W.M. Bunche
    How do combat vets re-integrate back into society after deployment?
    How important is faith in a combat soldier’s life before, during and after deployment?
    How do families make adjustments to returning vets who have obviously been affected by the war?
    Mercy’s First Semester is about the ramifications of war and the perplexing impulses which lead to obsession and peril in the lives of all.  
    Set in Brooklyn, “Mercy’s First Semester” brings together four improbable individuals: Mercy, an Iraq war combat veteran suffering from PTSD;   Mr. Mina, a compassion fatigued social worker who refuses to give up on his patients even when his livelihood threatens his marriage;   Dr. G, an atheist professor, who is fond of Mercy in ways he cannot comprehend;   and Eva, Mercy’s childhood crush who reconnects with him on Veteran’s Day.  
    Mercy saved his men.  Can he save himself?”
    Purchase Mercy's First Semester by W.M. Bunche Contemporary Fiction Subject matter: Combat Vet PTSD Struggles and Re-integration into society
    Link: https://amzn.com/B01M04VPMY
    About the Author WM Bunche is a cold war veteran and Commendation Medal recipient. He attended public schools in Brooklyn. He is a fourth generation veteran and his military roots trace back to the Civil War. A wannabe athlete, he will compete in the 41st Marine Corps Marathon. He is an honors graduate of Columbia University. For more information, please visit FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads. Mercy’s First Semester is his first book.

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    Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams talks #BodyWise on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book BODY WISE: Discovering Your Body's Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Health. 

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    2/15/17 w/guest Oneita Jackson

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    Today's guest is Oneita Jackson whose new soon to be released book is Letters From Mrs. Grundy.
    Oneita Jackson is a satirist and Detroit cab driver who has an English degree from Howard University.  She was a copy editor for 11 years at the Detroit Free Press.  During that time, she served as public editor, wrote music reviews, edited on the Features, Nation/World, and Web desks, and received awards for her headlines.  She was a member of the Accuracy and Credibility Committee and the Editorial Endorsement Board for the 2008 City of Detroit mayoral and City Council elections.   She also wrote the “O Street” column for three years; it received the newspaper’s 2008 Columnist of the Year award.  She stopped writing the column in May 2010 and returned to the News Copy Desk, where she stayed until August 2012.  Her debut book was Nappy-Headed Negro Syndrome, satires are observations and commentary on people and culture.  These stories about identity are written by a woman who is uniquely, unabashedly, and extraordinarily herself. Her second book is Letters From Mrs. Grundy, an epistolary commentary on the service industry, including humorous observations on race, culture, and class. An indispensable handbook to 21st Century etiquette from the poetically unique perspective of Detroit customer and satirist.
    Check her out at www.dakotavenuewest.com.