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We don't speak enough about sexuality as we age, of erectile dysfunction, of pelvic floor dysfunction, relationship issues that put the chill on the warmth or childhood trauma and coping that begin to etch deeper as we age... we don't... more

Being Valentine's Day, what else to talk about but Love! Not just romantic love, but love in all its other wonderful forms: motherly love, love of nature, for example. BodyMind Institute visionary Keith Beasley shares his personal journey, with... more

Self-Control; a foundation of meditation, many religions, and learning to relax is also a cornerstone of having a successful business. I'm going to share three powerful tools that I learned from studies with "my main monks", Thich Naht... more

BodyMind Institute visionary Keith Beasley introduces his own unique show, a powerful blend of insights and song, guided meditations and interviews to inspire, inform and help you know whatever it is you need to know in order to the be the... more

You've got a great idea. But you don't tell anyone or act on it. Old messages from the past haunt you that you may not be good enough,smart enough, don't know the right people or whatever. Squash it. Our energy moves and lives on but... more

Research shows that there are health risks to not having mentors, peers and friends. The power of a support system spans emotions but also biological needs are serves; when the friendships, support systems and partnerships... more

You may be working in wellness or financial services; or anything in between. You may even be working in marketing, but you need that extra step, that extra something, that will take you from client chasing to success. In this show, I'll talk... more

Ill-serving habits are often there because they either fill a void, help you escape a situation or help you cope where you feel out of sorts. Kicking a habit that no longer serves you, is a great way to begin the new year. I'll be going over some... more

A much shorter program this week, on the power of creativity and why you should increase it this upcoming year. Learn different theories of creativity and how we discern art from non-art, in some circles, and why none of this actually matters... more

Jenny Craig as licensed clinical social worker and board certified diplomate. Jenny is an international performance coach and motivational speaker who has been named a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence. Her background... more