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    Brie is giving a Life Update! <3

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    It's been a while since I've seen all of you, since I've written anything. I wanted to jump back into the live voice game, so I decided to give a life update that way. I hope you all are doing well and will be available September 18th at 2:30 pm. If not, there will be a recording posted on the blog page. Love you all!!! 

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    District Heat

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    We're back! Yes ladies your favorite host First Lady Truth is back with the cast of District Heat! Join us live! 

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    Men in Black Sightings

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    mysterious shadowmen appearing with dire predictions before vanishing! Who are they? Why are they here? Join Fred and William on a special episode!

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    There are screenshots circulating, suggesting that proclaimed lesbian [author/ blogger] Sunny Giovanni has had full blown sexual conversations with her babies' father *hold for gasp* and has an STD. In these screenshots, some are actually believing something from a scorned woman who used to date Sunny Giovanni. But is she just a scorned woman, or what the screenshots suggest true? No one but Sunny Giovanni herself has the answer and she plans to take up the whole two hours letting you inside of the situation, including the display of her own screenshots in the slideshow for the interview. You might want to buckle your seatbelts for this one and get your popcorn, because nobody likes to have their brand f***ed with. The gloves are off and Sunny is coming out of her corner.

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    Blogging With Micheal

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    Blogging With Micheal answers the questions that most people online wonder about, while also covering controversial topics and good "how to" information about blogging, social media and Internet Marketing.
    Today, Micheal discusses bullet proofing your blog and creating videos for your blog. You can get 50% off Article-Video-Robot.com with coupon code OVWFEB2015
    Ask questions before the show on the Blogging With Micheal Show Fan Page or by contacting Micheal's Help Desk.
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    Take advantage of our high traffic and link to us!

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    Hey It's Time to Get Rolling With NGB, and Mathmatician Lee Kerns

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    Topic- Update and whereabouts of the NGB-- Guest and Mathmatician Lee Kerns, Masters in Education w/emphasis in Pure Math from Buffalo State College, He specializes in Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry. He had taught applied mathematics courses specifically at the community college level and at ITT tech. He particulary emphasizes on real-life applications of mathematics when teaching these courses. He is from  the Kiowa Nation in Anadarko, Oklahoma and had attended Haskell Indian Nations University for his undergraduate education. He had also served in the Air Force for for five years in the career field of Electronics. 
    Other Topics-someguytalking.com- music review page, past guest music ready to be blogged and get fans involved. Is it possible the NGB may start getting a survey page to see what is going on in the world on mainstream topics?
    Come Join in find the follow buttons on Facebook, or @nativeguytalking on the twitter. Be a guest or lets us tell your fans more about you by joining us and be enlightend one blog at a time!

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    Talley Cafe' Live Tonight 7pm EST. Making Marriage Work! Keeping it alive!

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    Call to join in:(646) 787-1945 or Listen Live:
    As special guests, I will be introducing a couple who's been married longer than I've been alive, and a newlywed couple, freshly married. As well as a couple planning to marry soon.
    Topics: 1. In order for a marriage to last "what works, vs what doesnt". what are some "things you've had to eliminate or overcome to keep it on track? what causes the biggest arguments?
    2. When married, should one have the power to tell another who they can & cannot communicate with?
    3. Day by Day the relationship begins to feel more like daily job. How can you shake it up?
    Buckle up, as always deep topics, but a fun ride!  Let's GO!!!
     Call (646) 787-1945 or Listen Live 

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    Vanessa D. Werts Discusses Dating Dilemmas, & Her New Book

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    Devoted Single Mother, Military Veteran, and Author Vanessa Werts shares her desires to inspire and heal thru her new book.  

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    The absence of black fathers in the home

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    The absence of fathers is important because "children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison."  

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    Should women who are not employed nor attending school receive assistance?

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    Discussion about should women receive assistance if they are doing nothing but sitting at home, not employed nor attending school