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Black Whole Talk


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This is a conversation to foster a stronger nation of Afrakan people globally through Spiritual TeknowledgE, and to take full responsibility for the wholing of ourselves. Guest speakers, featured artists, learned elders, entrepreneurs, activists, and callers will all contribute to the discussion. Health, relationships, self-care, community-care, wealth, history, culture, education, family, child raising, politics, rituals, music, poetry, and more will all be discussed from an Earthiopian perspective.

On-Demand Episodes

One of the driving factors of anyone is motivation. Since the civil rights movement, there hasn't been a great unified effort amongst America's Afrakan people to do anything in particular. Is it because we don't have a clear idea of what we want... more

In order to have quality and meaningful relationships, we have to communicate clearly with each other. Last chapter, we listened to what Black men want from a Black woman...and now we are giving the mic to the women to express their... more

What do BLACK men want from a woman??? Men are not the same in different cultures. The desires and expectations of the mainstream society don't reflect those of the Afrakan diaspora. So when women invest the time to attract a man,... more

It's easy to defeat a lion, if you get the lion not to use its teeth, claws, or strength against you. The issue that Afrakan people are having with full liberation is that we are not fully utilizing our greatest asset, our spiritual connection. On... more

It's Kwanzaa time! Do you celebrate it because of the principles? Do you reject it because of its founder? Why do we Argue so vehemently about who has the only single best solution for Afrakan liveliness? Shouldn't the myriad black... more

What's wrong with Black people? What's right with Black people? There have been hundreds of years worth of powerful men and women who have worked hard to liberate Afrakan people...so why hasn't it happened yet? The most... more