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Black Whole Talk


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This is a conversation to foster a stronger nation of Afrakan people globally through Spiritual TeknowledgE, and to take full responsibility for the wholing of ourselves. Guest speakers, featured artists, learned elders, entrepreneurs, activists, and callers will all contribute to the discussion. Health, relationships, self-care, community-care, wealth, history, culture, education, family, child raising, politics, rituals, music, poetry, and more will all be discussed from an Earthiopian perspective.

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Self-made man? Independent woman? Both are impossible! But how does believing in these myths affect our ability to work collectively? Where does that kind of thinking come from, and where does it lead?

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. There is also a saying that goes, "there's no expiration date on a woman's anger." But those kind of sentiments be used to excuse many atrocities that women commit against men,... more

There are many Black Women who feel unloved, unappreciated, unwanted, undesired...WE'RE GOING TO PUT AN END TO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Tell us what you enjoy about being around Black women. What have they done for you... more

Arguably one of the most abused and unappreciated people of the planet is the Afrakan woman...and at the same time she has made some of the most substantial contributions to the well-being of the planet. Do you know of a Black... more

We currently call Black women goddesses and queens and empresses; we speak of Black girl magic...but how do you raise a girl to make sure she becomes all that...in a system where the odds are against it? How do you protect their minds... more

There is no denying that there is a racial war in America that has been on-going for several centuries. There is a renewal of Black love, Black pride, Black aesthetic...but what's going to happen if America responds to Afrakan uplift the... more

With so much talk and thought about love, it's important that we're clear on how to do it. Getting beyond the emotional attachment, love should be regarded as an active force. Can we even define love, such that we know when we do it, or... more

Sankofa means that you look to the past to get what was useful there, and use it to move forward intelligently. February is known in America as Black History Month, but what about our Black future?? We need to know what we want to... more

What do you think about homeschooling? Do you know what your children are learning in class? Are you paying attention to what games they play and shows they watch? Do you listen to your children? Do you know their interests, their... more

We're back to Appreciate Black! This being the first event of 2016 will give us an opportunity to look back on all our accomplishments and go forward refreshed and renewed! Join us this Sunday, Jan 31st from 6pm - 9pm at the Brownsville... more