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Black Whole Talk


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This is a conversation to foster a stronger nation of Afrakan people globally through Spiritual TeknowledgE, and to take full responsibility for the wholing of ourselves. Guest speakers, featured artists, learned elders, entrepreneurs, activists, and callers will all contribute to the discussion. Health, relationships, self-care, community-care, wealth, history, culture, education, family, child raising, politics, rituals, music, poetry, and more will all be discussed from an Earthiopian perspective.

On-Demand Episodes

Financial competence has been a missing component in the educational process of melaninated people who are recovering from slavery or colonialism. Somehow the idea of money makes us uncomfortable to discuss.The circulation of our... more

We have been conditioned to fight amongst ourselves, even about whose blackness is the blackest! Neo-tribalism is keeping us from building stronger bonds in our communities, and putting our collective powers together for... more

Can you count to Free? The real benchmark of a society's advancement can be observed through it's mathmatics systmes. How you measure the world matters. Math is a universal language, but it still has to be applied culturally. Why do so... more

Have you ever wanted to live with a group of like minded individuals and build towards some collective work? Many of us have reached the thought that it would be beneficial to have a community setting in the home life. We will discuss the... more

At some point in the majority of Black lives in America, the question arises, "Is you crazy?" While our instinctive answer is "NO! Is you?!" the truth is that many of us are suffering from one or more forms of mental unwellness. PTSD is... more

TONIGHT'S EPISODE WILL NOT BE LIVE. We will rebroadcast the original episode of Black Whole Talk, "WHOLY BLACKNESS." We will return next week to a live episode, and a special guest!!!

Have you listened to the young ones in our society? They are brilliant people, but are often written off because they're not understood. So we will have a group of high school students as our guests for this show, speaking on their views of... more

When people speak of feminism, there are often different definitions being used. What is it really? Is it an effective and wholistic tool for us to reach the goals of equality that we seek? Are some women using feminism in the same way that... more

Who is Jesus really? Many of us have learned that there wasn't even a letter "j" in the time that the biblical story is supposed to have taken place. So why do we, in such an educated time, hold on to a name that could not have been? Especially... more

A discussion on how we become Spiritual Grown-ups! Tonight's episdoe is a re-play of an earlier show, so there will be no live calls taken. Feel free to join the chat room while you listen, and/or leave comments on the episode page!