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Please join us as we talk about the Aretha Franklin funeral, black church, outdated traditions of the black church, church hurt, #metoo, dismissal of black women, misogyny, black children, and much more. It's time for the black church... more

Please join us as we discuss the aggrieved white men in America who feel that they are being discriminated against because of their gender and whiteness. Some of them believe that women & the black/brown people need to be put back... more

Please join us as we discuss why some white progressives, moderates, liberals, and allies are problematic and complicit with white supremacy. When you attempt to explain why their silence or their encouragement of you being silent is... more

Please join us today as I try to play catch up and update you on a few things. You know how we do, I'm just going for it. What more evidence do you need that making moral arguments mean nothing to people who have a totally different... more

Please join us Sunday as we break down Kanye's latest sophistry. There is so much to catch up on. Reuter's took a poll that indicted that Black men support for Donald Trump doubled after Kanye announced his new ideaology of... more

Please join us as we examine white on white crime again... Why are they so angry? Why are they killing themselves when they are worried about population decline? Why are they scapegoating the mentally ill? Why have they turned jails... more

Dear Black People: What's next? Do we fall into the same old rut and go along with the status quo because we were trained to do so? It's evident that our money and voting block is more important than they would care for us to realize.... more

Please join us as we discuss many different issues. There is so much fodder that I'm not sure where to begin. Per Donald tRump: Black people "What do you have to lose?" Black Americans in Atlanta live in crime infested... more

The tRump administration is just a living, walking, talking example of white male privilege and identity. White feminists have shown us, once again, that their identification is centered on their whiteness. How many times does this have to... more

Please join me Sunday as I discuss this reality show that we are being forced to participate in.There is about a 2 minute lag time because the call dopped. The need to pay attention and question everything and everyone is imperative.... more