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The best of the black community. From the politics to the music From the arts to the artist. Black Buffalo Radio is the source of it all in Buffalo NY

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Checkpoints are a major topic in Buffalo and Black Buffalo Radio wants to bring some of light on the subject. What is the reason or need for them? Do they work? Is there an underlined reason for them or does the Mayor and the Police Department have an alterior motive behind the use of them? Darius Pridgen, Buffalo Common Council president, is calling on the Buffalo Police Department to be more transparent with their locations of traffic checkpoints around the city. Buffalo Police use checkpoint to stop cars as they're coming through a certain area to check for violations- anything from not wearing seat belts to driving with outdated registration. Checkpoints are held strategically at different places around the city. Some people who live in Buffalo have long claimed that it appeared police were disproportionately targeting minority neighborhoods with random traffic checkpoints. We have tried for two months to obtain data from Buffalo Police, through a Freedom of Information Law request to see if that was true.So far police have completely ignored our request. Black Buffalo Radio would like to introduce our listeners to the newest member of the Black Buffalo Radio family.
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